Listen Again – Glory Boy Mod Radio Show 12-03-17

Weekly radio show . On every Sunday night at 6pm to 9pm uk time zone exploring the Mod genre from the sixties to the mod revival and also today’s mod sounds. with DJ Alan May. AKA Glory Boy

Track List
the ace supercool
the ace supernatural
sema 4 keep on running
the flys can I crash here
the dying breed dead fox
the jam art school
the revs start it up
the len price 3 julia jones
squire get ready to go
the purple hearts jimmy
the chords don’t look back
the circles no idea
secret affair the big beat
the go gos we go the beat
the merton parkas when will it be
barbara mills queen of fools
oscar hamod and the majestics soul finger
archie bell and the drells here I go again
the tomangoes I really love you
the loop get what you pay for
the loop she knows
the upset only for sheep
the pop pigs see the day
love minus zero mary says
the prisoners come to the mushroom
nicholson sonnet
the grey skys spirit
the grey skys stone
sons of morning shine
sons of morning evangeline
the crowd right time
the chords uk man on the northern line
the moment one two they fly
the directions it maybe too late
the border beat that girls no good
the blades hot for you
the small hlours underground
the amber squad slow starter
small world I cant see you
small faces sha la la la lee
small faces you need loving
small faces every little bit hurts
the who the ox
the creation can I join your band
georgie fame sunny
the kinks waterloo sunset
the ic1s growing up going down
the jam ghosts
the jam english rose