WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 – Previews and Predictions

SmackDown’s first exclusive Pay-per-view of the year rolls into Arizona tomorrow night and could answer the question of which superstar will be walking into WrestleMania with the WWE Championship.

Randy Orton has already been revealed as the man who will challenge for the title on April 2nd, but The Viper himself has Luke Harper blocking his path to the Biggest Event Of The Year.

There will also be three female matches on a SmackDown exclusive event for the first time as WWE continues to push forward this new Women’s Revolution.

This is SmackDown’s final pay-per-view stop on the Road to WrestleMania and it could see some huge shocks, as ever The Brass Ring’s wrestling team are here to share their predictions and this month’s panel includes Chris Rossington, Joe Steerment, Steven Dimelow, Andrew Parker, Phillipa Hopwood, Andy Arthurs and Jake Waring.

Nikki Bella Vs. Natalya 

Phillipa, Steven, Chris, Jake, Andy, Joe – Nikki Bella 

Thoughts by Steven – This is a feud that as gotten very personal and interesting. The two former friends have been insulting each other’s family over the past few weeks, with Natalya talking about John Cena and the fact that he is still yet to marry Nikki. Nikki herself has been telling Natalya she is a disappointment to the Hart family. There has been backstage brawls between these two over the past few months and they have even collided in-ring competition too. I feel this feud has given Natalya the attention she has deserved for a while and some very good promos. With Nikki Bella rumored to take some time off after WrestleMania I feel like WWE will want the former Divas Champion to go out on a high and win her last couple matches leading up to WrestleMania in a few weeks time.

Luke Harper Vs. Randy Orton 

Phillipa, Andrew – Luke Harper 

Jake, Chris, Andy, Joe – Randy Orton 

Thoughts by Joe – I predict Luke Harper going over Orton at Elimination Chamber. The Viper has been strongly favored by Bray Wyatt where Harper’s constant bundling and costing The Wyatt Family the tag team titles hasn’t fared well with their leader. With Harper’s reluctance to strike his mentor diminishing he will be firing on all four cylinders but Wyatt will do what he will to ensure his new students’ victory. Enter the last follower that Bray abandoned Eric Rowan coming in to save his friend Harper and costing Orton the match leading to a reunion of the phenomenal giant tag team and ultimately setting Wyatt and Orton at loggerheads once more leading into WrestleMania including Bray Wyatt into a triple threat scenario for the WWE title.

Mickie James Vs. Becky Lynch 

Phillipa, Jake, Chris, Steven, Joe – Mickie James 

Andrew, Andy – Becky Lynch 

Thoughts by Jake – As a self-appointed champion of women’s wrestling I am so excited to see three singles matches on aPPVv. This one has had a decent build up since James’ return, and it has the potential to be a good match. On this week’s smackdown during the contract signing, Mickie was doing some superb heel work as she mouthed along to Alexa Bliss throwing insults. She is the perfect best mate of the bully. Becky Lynch is amazing whatever, and it would be more beneficial for James to go over dirty in this one. Mickie James Win.

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Apollo Crews and Kalisto 

Phillipa, Steven, Chris, Jake, Andy, Joe  – Dolph Ziggler 

Andrew – Crews and Kalisto 

Thoughts by Steven – Dolph Ziggler as landed himself in a handicap match at Elimination Chamber against Apollo Crews and Kalisto. This rivalry began after Ziggler decided to turn on Kalisto a few weeks ago and Apollo was the one who tried to save him.  Since Ziggler developed this new attitude he has been attacking many of his opponents after his matches and it came to the point where SmackDown management were tired of it so when Ziggler bragged that he could beat both these stars, it was decided that he would be given the chance to prove it.

Alexa Bliss Vs. Naomi – SmackDown Women’s Championship 

Phillipa, Chris, Andy, Andrew, Steven, Joe – Alexa Bliss 

Jake – Naomi 

Thoughts by Phillipa – Alexa Bliss has begun a new era for the SmackDown Women and she has shown how much she has stepped up her game since her time in NXT. Alexa has only defended her title against former Champion Becky in recent weeks, so this will be something different for Alexa, who has been pinned by Naomi before. This is a huge match for Naomi as well, she hasn’t lifted a title in her entire career so for her to be put into a match of this calibre is something worth shouting about. It’s obvious that Naomi won’t win this, but it will be interesting to see what direction Alexa goes in heading into WrestleMania.

American Alpha Vs. The Ascension Vs. The Vaudevillians Vs. The Usos Vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno Vs. BreeZango – Tag Team Turmoil Match

Phillipa, Andrew – The Ascension 

Andy – The Revival 

Chris, Steven, Joe – American Alpha 

Jake – The Usos 

Thoughts by Phillipa – American Alpha should have been made the inaugural Tag Team Champion on SmackDown Live, but instead they had to wait until Slater and Rhyno and The Wyatt Family had already held the belts. It seems that they are being forced to work hard to retain their titles now as well since they will be running the gauntlet on Sunday night and could be in real danger of losing their Championships. The Tag Team Roster has some incredible depth and it looks an almost certainty that new Champions will be crowned at Elimination Chamber.

John Cena Vs. AJ Styles Vs. Dean Ambrose Vs. Bray Wyatt Vs. Baron Corbin Vs. The Miz – Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship 

Phillipa, Chris, Andy, Steven  – The Miz 

Andrew, Joe – Bray Wyatt 

Jake – AJ Styles 

Thoughts by Andy – The Elimination Chamber. Brought back by Smackdown Live! From the nether, to do it’s best to end as many prospering careers as possible. This edition, has Smackdown’s top talent battle it out for John Cena and his record breaking 16th world title. With former World Champions such as AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, and The Miz, as well as talent ready to break the bank with Baron Corbin. One name left off here is the bookies favorite and the most intriguing name. Bray Wyatt. The leader of the ever diminishing Wyatt Family. Featuring? The Royal Rumble winner, Randy Orton. If fate leads us down a nice path of turns and twists, we might well see the Family implode at Wrestlemania. As for me? I like to go against the grain. And who else doesn’t believe The Miz can headline the grandest show of them all. This Chamber is the home of the A-Lister.