Micky Flanagan Stoke Warm Up Show Review 

Cockney comedian Micky Flanagan returned to Stoke last night (28th January 2017) for the first time in a few years. This was part of a few warm up shows for his big arena tour that starts in a couple of months.

From the off, he told the audience he usually has a list and went off on many tangents but this was truly Micky Flanagan at his best.

He doesn’t rely on jokes, instead tells stories about growing up and his ‘struggle’ being a married man and trying not to get on the wrong side of his wife.

His manager told him not to talk about money but Micky says he is still a man of the people, just he has loads of cash now.

The show centres around Micky’s years off with much hilarity along the way. From mastering the recycling to having a few cheeky afternoon drinks this was a comedy masterclass. He dropped a few big swears but he never seems to offend as they are perfectly used as punchlines to to his anecdotes.

Micky went off piste to speak to the audience and picked a perfect target – a guy from Eccleshall who was a metalogist. For some comedians this would be a comedy cul de sac, but he somehow had the whole room screaming when guessing what the job entailed. This is one thing that will be missing from his arena shows as comedy on that platform suffers slightly in my eyes when the comedian can’t interact with the crowd.

Terry Bossons