WWE TLC – Predictions and Analysis

WWE SmackDown presents their final pay-per-view event of the year as WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs rolls into The American Airlines Centre in Dallas, Texas.

TLC has become one of WWE’s most stipulated pay-per-views and the company have stayed loyal to this again this year because every match on the card has a stipulation.


AJ Styles once again headlines the event against Dean Ambrose in  TLC match for the WWE Championship, whilst Becky Lynch defends her SmackDown Women’s Championship in a Tables match against Alexa Bliss and Dolph Ziggler must climb a ladder and retrieve the Intercontinental Championship if he has any hopes of dethroning current Champion The Miz.

As ever The Brass Ring’s team are here to share all their predictions ahead of the event, this month’s panel includes Daniel Standring, Chris Rossington, Andrew Parker, Phillipa Hopwood, Andy Arthurs, Steven Dimelow, Victoria Hopwood and Jake Waring.

tllllllNikki Bella Vs. Carmella – No Disqualification Match 

Steven, Andy, Andrew – Nikki Bella 

Jake, Chris, Dan, Vickie, Phillipa – Carmella 

Thoughts by Phillipa – This has been such a good feud to watch and WWE have so many options with this going forward as well, Nikki Bella was attacked ahead of the women’s match at Survivor Series two weeks ago and subsequently was unable to compete. She went on to blame Carmella for the assault and has challenged her to this No Disqualification match, the only problem is the fact that it wasn’t Carmella. It’s quite obvious that Eva Marie attacked Nikki at Survivor Series and the No DQ rules here mean that she can make her return and take out the women who returned to replace her at SummerSlam. A feud between Nikki and Eva will not only push the Red Queen forward, but it will also advertise Total Divas going forward. Great strategy.

The Miz Vs. Dolph Ziggler – Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championshiptlll

Phillipa, Dan, Chris, Jake, Steven, Andy, Vickie  – The Miz

Andrew – Dolph Ziggler 

Thoughts by Andy – If you were to tell me 12 months ago, that an Intercontinental Title match between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz, would be part of a unanimous Feud of the Year, I’d ask you to check yourself into the closest asylum and make sure you wore a helmet outside. Because you would have been wrong. Wrong I say. Somehow, though, This year has been somewhat of a rebirth of all three elements in the match. Miz, who is undoubtedly the MVP of the year for WWE faces Ziggler, who finds himself reborn since the WWE Draft, in a ladder match. Easily being the most interesting match on the card, the result is tough to picture. To take the belt of the Miz would be hard to picture, seeing as he only won it back 3 weeks ago, to the very man he faces at TLC… But if both men could get a promotion if failing to capture? It’s a win-win. For me, though, the intercontinental reunion tour will extend, and Miz will start 2017 as the legit, most must see Champion in WWE.

tBecky Lynch Vs. Alexa Bliss – Tables Match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship 

Phillipa, Vickie, Steven, Dan, Andrew – Alexa Bliss 

Jake, Andy, Chris – Becky Lynch 

Thoughts by Andrew – It’s a weird thing, the Smackdown women’s decision. Whilst the diversity of the roster is deeper, and thought is actually given to feuds outside of the main title picture, it’s hard to think of a Smackdown’s women’s moment that has been on par with anything over at RAW. That said, Smackdown’s roster is full of potential, and in Alexa Bliss, they have one of the best. She’s been chasing that title for long enough now, it’s time for her to take it and really showcase what she can do. A loss will not hurt Becky, who has plenty of other heels on the roster she can work with until it is time to get back in the title picture again.

Heath Slater and Rhyno Vs. Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton – Tag Team Championship Match tll


Phillipa, Jake, Chris, Dan, Andy, Steven, Vickie, Andrew – Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt

Thoughts by Dan – This for me, is a match that makes very little sense, SmackDown has built up a tag team division that has prided themselves on giving chances to people who wouldn’t get them over on Raw, so why have they given Randy Orton and Bray a shot at the titles when they have only been a group for a few weeks?

This has to be Creative’s way of giving the titles to Randy and Bray, or it’s their way of putting Randy in the perfect position to finally turn on the leader of the family. Either way, this shot should have been American Alphas and now they have once again been relegated to the kickoff show.

Kalisto Vs.tllll Baron Corbin – Chairs match 

Phillipa, Jake, Andy, Steven, Dan, Chris, Vickie, Andrew – Baron Corbin 

Thoughts by Steven – Baron Corbin and Kalisto’s rivalry has  really caught my eye in recent weeks and I’m honestly beginning to enjoy it. This feud has been bubbling for a few months now and actually began just after the WWE Draft when Corbin attacked Kalisto and put him out of action for a few weeks. When he returned, the duo picked up where they left off and this time it was Kalisto who attacked Corbin and when he slipped off the apron in their match, the injury cost him a place on SmackDown’s Survivor Series team. Kalisto continued to attack Corbin despite the injury and this lead to the Lone Wolf costing Kalisto and SmackDown the Cruiserweight Championship at the event two weeks ago. The feud has continued over the past two weeks and weapons have slowly been introduced, which is why WWE decided that a Chairs match may be the only way to allow these two to fully extract their own kind of revenge on each other.

AJ Styles Vs. Dean Ambrose – TLC Match for the WWE Championshiptl

Phillipa, Dan, Chris, Steven, Jake, Andy, Andrew – AJ Styles 

Vickie – Dean Ambrose 

Thoughts by Jake – Really looking forward to this. These two top guys in a TLC match is going to be great. I can’t wait to see what they come up with creatively, and we’re sure to see Ambrose take a couple of monster bumps (Styles clash off a ladder through a table?!) As fun as James Elsworth’s run has been it is a shame that it is going to be hard not to expect ‘Jimmy the chin’ to be involved in some way or other. I personally would be more than happy to see these two fight it out alone. AJ is such a great heel champion and must go on as such. I don’t know how Elsworth factors into this result as he has already both helped and hindered Ambrose. Elsworth heel turn? Either way, AJ win.

WWE presents TLC – Tables, Ladders and Chairs live on the WWE Network and Sky Box Office from midnight on Sunday, December 4th.