WWE Roadblock – Review

As a UK based wrestling fan, you make one of two decisions on pay-per-view Sunday, you either stay up until 4 am and then mess up your body clock for any entire week just so that no one spoils the event for you, or you go to sleep and wake up to title changes, character changes and events that you will never fully be a part of.

I have always made the conscious decision to stay up until 4 am, this may be because I make bad choices, or it may be because sometimes I genuinely feel like the WWE product is worth it and it could be argued that last night was.

Going into RoadBlock: End of The Line, there was a feeling about the event much like there was surrounding NXT: Takeover The End. Whenever ‘The End’ is looming, fans always put their backs up and begin to wonder where the new beginning will come in. NXT recovered so well by making it The End of The Beginning, but I don’t feel that Roadblock managed to spin out of it.

If you argued that it was The End of the feud between Sasha Banks and Charlotte, the two women who have dominated the Raw Women’s Division for the past few months, then why allow the title to change hands? A title change means a rematch clause will be granted and it means that these women will have to face each other again or explain why their own logic is floored.

I’m not saying that Sasha versus Charlotte wasn’t an incredible match, it really was, I just feel that this whole record breaking, history making attitude of WWE lately has seen them overlook some of the finer issues. Charlotte is still undefeated in WWE Pay-per-view singles matches spanning back to her debut in the Summer of 2015. She has also had a match at every single pay-per-view, which makes that stat a little more convincing, but Charlotte is now a four-time WWE Women’s Champion since WrestleMania, an accolade that Lita only managed through her entire career, I feel the hot potato with the title needs to change.

The New Day broke their record and were then forced to drop the Championships to the unlikely team of Cesaro and Sheamus, who couldn’t even leave the building on the same page. Now, I’m not going to join the rest of the IWC in ripping apart the decision to give them the titles because I back that one hundred percent, I feel that they were the best team to win the titles from The New Day but I think it should have been in a few weeks time.

Timing is everything in WWE and I feel that they should had waited and built this up a little longer and give The New Day time to breathe after breaking the record, but it seems that WWE have other ideas and are looking to make Cesaro and Sheamus credible going forward and it could well be an interesting few months for the Tag Team Division.

The hostility between Cesaro and Sheamus will make for great viewing and it will definitely give the Tag Teams a boost, although if you look at this as The End Of The Line, The New Day will cash in their rematch clause and this won’t end for a while so that’s another bad example. 

The one feud that I can honestly say ended was the Cruiserweight Championship, Rich Swann retained in an absolutely fantastic triple threat match and that obviously signalled the end of the feud between him, TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick because after the match Neville came out and attacked both Perkins and Swann. Neville has been needing a push like this for months, and a heel turn and a place in the Cruiserweight Division is exactly what he needed. Big fan of Neville, I really hope this leads to big things for him.

The Big Cass and Rusev match was relegated to the kickoff show, which in itself is a crime against Rusev, but after the match was said and done it was easy to understand why. A win for Rusev via count-out I feel was cheap, there was so much more WWE could have done with these two heavyweights but instead, they once again made the match about their significant others. Maybe it will be a showdown in a few months time that will really set the world alight?

The big news of the night would be that Braun Strowman has been defeated, finally, Strowman has lost a match, but WWE will still claim that he is unpinned, Sami Zayn is a real trooper he managed to last 10 minutes in a match with someone like Strowman and he lived to tell the tale. I hope this means that there are big things in Sami’s future because he definitely deserves the boost.

Moving on, the two matches that were technically linked last night saw Seth Rollins walk out victorious over Chris Jericho which was obviously a foregone conclusion because ‘you gotta make Seth look strong’ heading into his feud with Triple H. Jericho has been an absolute delight to watch over the past few months and the fact that he was put in such a good position is a sentiment to how far he has come.

Kevin Owens defended his Universal Championship on pay-per-view for the first time against someone that wasn’t Seth Rollins, it was a shock to my system as well, but it was actually a really good match. Who knew Roman could have such a good match? I think it was down to how good Kevin is, but still, it was a great main event and then for the twist of Jericho attacking Owens to then be reversed was incredible booking.

Jeri-KO is alive and well and thanks to them we are seeing the birth of The Shield 2.0. It is an exciting time to be a Seth Rollins fan. Teaming with Roman Reigns, Triple H on the horizon and the fact that he is still one of the biggest stars in the company even though he has only held a title for two minutes this entire year. 2017 is about to be huge. I am slightly disappointed with Roadblock when I compare it to TLC, but when you think of all of the options that WWE has opened up heading into The Royal Rumble, I dare you to not get excited.