WWE RoadBlock: End Of The Line – Predictions and Previews

WWE presents their final pay-per-view of the calendar year this weekend and it’s unsurprisingly the Raw roster who have been given the curtain call.

This is also the second RoadBlock of the year, which is odd in itself, but this one is making use of the fact that it is the end of the line for Charlotte and Sasha Banks after months of back and forth and title changes, Hell in a Cell matches and Raw main events, it is finally time for the history making, feud ending first ever main roster Iron Woman match.

Kevin Owens, The New Day and Rich Swann will also be defending their titles on the night, with Roman Reigns being the only person with a title who is not defending it on the night. Instead Roman will be challenging Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship in the hope of becoming the first ever dual champion with the titles in question.

As ever The Brass Ring team are here to share their predictions ahead of the event and this month’s panel includes Andrew Parker, Vickie Hopwood, Steven Dimelow, Chris Rossington, Andy Arthurs, Phillipa Hopwood, Jake Waring and Daniel Standring.

Sami Zayn Vs. Braun Strowman

Phillipa, Andrew, Vickie, Steven, Chris – Braun Strowman 

Andy – Sami Zayn 

Jake – Draw

Thoughts by Andrew:  It would astound me if they gave the victory to Sami Zayn in this one. As much as Zayn is incredible, the main point of this match should be getting Braun over as the unstoppable juggernaut he has the potential to be. He has all the skills to be the next big monster of the WWE – intensity, presence, pure strength, and he ain’t half bad on the mic either. Taking a loss wouldn’t hurt Zayn in this kind of a match, but if Braun were to take the pin, then there’s a danger of losing much of the momentum he’s successfully been building.

Rich Swann Vs. TJ Perkins Vs. The Brian Kendrick – Cruiserweight Championship 

Phillipa, Andy, Vickie, Andrew, Jake, Chris – Rich Swann 

Steven  – Brian Kendrick 

Thoughts by Andy – Ahh, the Cruiserweights. The most hyped and flopped item of RAW since Emmalina’s 5 years of promo packages. (That isn’t a compliment).
The little lads of the four-sided, purple roped ring have fallen under a lot of shoddy backstage decisions, making a new and exciting era of guys, into cookie cutter WWE Stars with nice coloured graphics. This is even without 205 Live. Poor chaps.
Nevertheless, there is a Cruiserweight title match Sunday, you’d be excused to even know what’s been going on, because unless you have the Network, you won’t have seen the build-up, especially Swann becoming champion.
Rich Swann versus The Brian Kendrick versus TJ Perkins on paper would be a quality match. But due to the watered down style they have to follow, this could be the p***break match in a poorly built up PPV.
I don’t really have much to say on this. Swann just became champion.Kendrick just lost it and TJ bloody Dabs.
Just on that basis? Swann will retain the title…. that’s basically it. For Shame.

Big Cass Vs. Rusev 

Phillipa, Vickie, Andy, Jake, Chris – Big Cass

Andrew, Steven – Rusev

Thoughts by Steven – This match between Big Cass and Rusev looks set to be a collision of epic proportions, Big Cass is only sticking up for his best friend and tag team partner Enzo Amore who stupidly got played by Lana and Rusev and ended up being tricked into going to a hotel room with Lana and being beaten into an inch of his life by Rusev. I think this is just a filler storyline for Enzo and Cass, but I still feel that this will be a decent match between two of the biggest men in WWE. Cass is due for a huge push in the near future and this could be WWE’s way of testing the water and seeing how Cass manages against the big boys.

The New Day Vs, Cesaro and Sheamus – WWE Raw Tag Team Championships 

Phillipa, Chris – Cesaro and Sheamus

Andrew, Andy, Jake, Vickie, Steven – The New Day 

Thoughts by Vickie – Just days after finally surpassing Demolition and becoming the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE History, The New Days are once again defending their gold against Cesaro and Sheamus. Cesaro and Sheamus have actually been rather impressive as of late and have finally managed to get on the same page after months of animosity. They even managed to score the victory in a number one contender’s match at WWE’s recent Tribute to the Troops event which is why they have been given this opportunity here. Personally, I don’t see The New Day dropping their titles just days after making history but regardless of the result, I can see this being a match of the night contender.

Sasha Banks Vs. Charlotte – IronWoman Match for the WWE Women’sWomens Championship

Phillipa, Andrew, Chris, Vickie, Andy, Steven – Sasha Banks

Jake – Charlotte

Thoughts by Jake – I’ll be honest here, before writing this prediction I had to check which one of Charlotte and Sasha currently holds the strap. Love to watch these two, and an iron (wo?)man match is going to be fantastic. I say it every PPV, but I really hope they tie up this feud soon as we’ve seen this so many times. I can’t see Charlotte losing her PPV record, though, and Daddy Flair is likely to turn back to family sooner or later so he could get involved and turn on Sasha. A draw might be a nice way for Charlotte to keep her record and Sasha to keep the belt. Hang on? Sasha has the belt right?!

Seth Rollins Vs. Chris Jericho

Phillipa, Vickie, Andy, Chris, Jake, Andrew, Steven – Seth Rollins 

Thoughts by Phillipa – Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho have been going back and forth for a very long time, it’s not yet clear as to what the winner of this match will actually get other than bragging rights, but a match between these two is going to be a match of the night contender for sure. Rollins is on the edge of one of the biggest feuds of the year against Triple H that is set to begin in the nest few weeks and could even get started on Sunday night. WWE will want to keep Seth looking strong heading into this match so I really can’t see Jericho getting the better of him here.

Kevin Owens Vs. Roman Reigns – WWE Universal Championship

Phillipa, Andrew, Jake- Kevin Owens

Vickie, Andy, Chris, Steven – Roman Reigns

Thoughts by Dan – Is tonight the night Kevin Owens loses the title …….. No, you stupid idiots. Once again WWE is trying to force Roman on to us and once again we are pushing back, this rivalry has done nothing for Kevin Owens and is just Vince McMahon forcing his guy on us. Kevin and Chris Jericho is the story and that is why I believe Kevin will retain here and take the title into a feud with his former best friend, whilst Roman moves on to actually defend the United States Championship.

RoadBlock is live on the WWE Network and Sky Sports Box Office from 12am on Sunday 18th December.