There is a new book about Potteries dialect out now, It’s called ‘Pottersaurus – The Ducktionary of Stoke-on-Trent!
It was collated by 6TR presenter Terry Bossons who said:

“I was born and raised in Biddulph (which is on the outskirts of Staffordshire) but through my gran who was a proper Stokie I learned a whole new set of words, some I’ve never heard anyone else say. She also gave me my first oatcake but that’s another campaign haha. Then there is my mum, who calls everyone ‘duck’ – from Spanish waiters to if she ever met royalty.

So that’s where my love of the dialect started, then I studied ‘May un mar lady’ cartoons in the sentinel. Breaking down every sentence to decipher what was going on.
Fast forward twenty odd years and I meet Pete Conway, to some he’s Robbie’s dad but to me the king of the lingo and a comedy genius. He has the best stories of miscommunication because of our Stokie talk.
So a book was always on the cards, but I have made a short version now to see if there was interest in view of making a proper hardback.
The name is ‘Terry’s Pottersaurus – The Duckionary of Stoke on Trent’
I am a huge fan of the Viz comic and over recent years have become friends with Simon Donald one of the creators. In Viz there used to be a Profanasuarus – basically a diary of euphemisms for unpleasant things.
So I stole the name sort of and added Potter, then turned Dictionary into Ductionary in honour of my good ol’ mum and bingo!
To collate the 400 words and phrases I spoke to some funny Potters folk who gave loads of suggestions and I took to Facebook to get puns. So besides the dictionary we have Staffordshire tribute acts like Shelton John and Lobby Williams. Top of the pots is a section of Stoke pun songs like ‘No sleep till Burslem’ by The Beasties boys. There is some local poetry in there too.
I asked a few local celebs to help so Rachel Shenton, Adrian Lewis plus the panto guys (Jonny Wilkes and Christian Patterson) have put in their favourite phrases. Plus Jesse McClure has invented a Stoke word to cement his love for the area.

I have had so much fun making it and the love from people who want to preserve the dialect is crazy. Literally hundreds of people have chipped in and it’s made me realise that I don’t want it to disappear and want the next generation to say ‘ow at me owd?’ etc. I have thanked the majority of people who helped out in at the back.
The cover was designed by Malcolm Draper, a very famous artist for The Beatles and famous for his work on The Yellow Submarine. Dave Lee (who did my page layout) has got to know him so I cheekily asked him to see if he would do it. Thankfully he said yes haha – my motto ‘if you don’t ask!’ triumphs again.”

It’s available now on eBay: 

Or from Charms and Chains in Hanley: