WWE Hell in a Cell – Previews and Predictions

Hell in a Cell is live tonight from Boston Massetuchetts and boasts a triple main event that includes a history-making first ever female Hell in a Cell match.


All Raw Championships will be on the line in the final pay-per-view event before the brand deciding Survivor Series event next month. The highlights of the show will include a Hell in a Cell match for the United States Championship between Rusev and Roman Reigns whilst the Universal Championship will also be decided inside the structure as Kevin Owens defends against former World Champion Seth Rollins.

On the eve of Halloween, this one is expected to be a scary one, with many questions being asked about Chris Jericho’s involvement in the main event and whether or not the COO will show up to heap more misery upon his former friend. As ever The Brass Ring’s team are here to share all their predictions ahead of the event, this month’s panel includes, Phillipa Hopwood, Daniel Standring, Steven Dimelow, Andrew Parker, Jake Waring and Andy Arthurs.

hell1Cedric Alexander, Sin Cara and Lince Dorado vs Tony Nese, Drew Gulak and Ariya Davari 

Phillipa, Andrew, Steven, Andy, Daniel – Team Alexander

Thoughts by Andrew – Ah, it’s the weekly “stuff as many cruiserweights in the ring as possible” match, just promoted to pre-show at a PPV. Looking at the teams, it’s kinda hard to say. Nese and Gulak are two amazing talents, with Nese, in particular, looking like he’d be one of the best heels in that division, whilst Cedric Alexander is on fire and shows no sign of slowing down. I predict a firework of a match, spots here, there and everywhere, and when the dust settles, probably the faces left standing. But it could just as easily go the other way.

Dana Brooke vs Bayley hell2

Phillipa, Jake, Andy, Andrew, Steven, Daniel- Bayley 

Thoughts by Andy – Oh this is actually happening…

The women’s revolution is kind of firing blanks at the moment. With a grueling HIAC match that’s been ‘rewarded’ to the ladies and now, a week removed from an arm wrestling match in 2016, Bayley gets a one-on-one match with the woman who pinned her, because she was unable able to reach her feet to the bottom rope.

I feel for Bayley. She HAS to win on Sunday to create any sort of redemption. Add that to the fact that I just wish Dana would enter a permanent Arnold Bodybuilding Classic Job and disappear, makes this such an easy choice.

Bayley. Clean. Now give me a hug.

hell5Enzo and Big Cass vs Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows 

Phillipa, Andy – Enzo and Big Cass

Jake, Andrew, Steven, Daniel- Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows 

Thoughts by Andrew – I can’t think of a team that needs a win more than The Club at the moment. Anderson and Gallows are insanely talented at what they do, and to see them picking up loss after loss is rather saddening to witness. They have the potential to get one of the best heel teams in the division – they have the look, the promo ability (outside of that horrible Old Day segment), and the ability to look both goofy and dominating, as the situation dictates. Another loss would hurt them to the point where I don’t think they could actually recover when a loss for Enzo and Cass would hardly hurt them at all. They’ll always be over no matter what. With that in mind, I’m predicting The Club because dear GOD they need it.

 hell4The New Day vs Sheamus and Cesaro – Tag Team Championship Match 

Phillipa, Andy, Jake, Andrew, Steven, Daniel – The New Day 

Thoughts by Steven – Sheamus and Cesaro have become a tag team after their best of seven series failed to find a winner, despite it stretching out to nine matches. They are not on the same page because they are both trying to outdo each other. They have shown that they have no team spirit and that when they are put in a tag team position, neither man actually wants to help the other. On the other side of the ring is The New Day they have been a team now for more than two years, they have held the Tag Team Championships for more than 400 days and they are completely cohesive as a team. This is why I think The New Day will retain, despite the fact that Cesaro and Sheamus won last week on Raw, I think The New Day are much more together as a team and Cesaro and Sheamus will cost themselves the Championships.

hell6TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick – Cruiserweight Championship match 

Phillipa, Jake, Andrew, Steven, Daniel – Brian Kendrick

Andy – TJ Perkins 

Thoughts by Phillipa – This is a complete rematch from Clash of Champions last month and WWE have really been playing the personal angle between these two former friends. Perkins hasn’t really done anything spectacular with the Cruiserweight Championship over the past few months so I fully expect Brian Kendrick to be given the chance to shine. Kendrick is the standout competitor for the Cruiserweights at the moment and he has proved many times that he really is ‘A man with a plan.’ Despite all the backstage talk being about Tony Nese and the fact that he deserves the gold, Kendrick does all of his talking in front of the cameras and I think he deserves to lift the title tonight.

Roman Reigns vs Rusev – Hell in a Cell match for the United States Championship hell9

Phillipa, Jake, Andy, Andrew, Steven, Daniel – Roman Reigns 

Thoughts by Jake – Well it’s Roman Reigns vs Rusev again, but it’s in a cage. I really hope to see Rusev victorious here, as it makes sense (I know, it’s WWE!) Firstly, as we know, they are so doggedly determined to get Reigns over, and if they want to reposition him back up the roster with a tilt at the Universal championship in the future, the US title is of no use with him. Secondly, it’s a waste of a face pop as it won’t be a pop, just the camera frantically looking for a 12-year-old sign with ‘I (heart) Roman Reigns’ on it- I actually saw that on Raw a few weeks ago – and the sound guys desperately trying to change the levels to drown out the boos. Finally, and most importantly, DON’T BURY RUSEV AGAIN! I love the Bulgarian brute, he is an excellent heel and currently has top facial hair. This won’t happen of course. Roman Reigns win.

Sasha Bahell7nks vs Charlotte – Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship 

Phillipa, Andy, Jake, Andrew, Steven, Daniel – Sasha Banks 

Thoughts by Phillipa – It’s 2016 and the WWE and the WWE Universe alike are still making a huge deal about the fact that the women are following through on their promise as they attempt to refuel last year’s failed Divas Revolution into a Women’s Revolution. Sasha and Charlotte have been at the forefront of this so it is only right that they continue the trend and become the first women to fight inside Hell in a Cell. Charlotte is undefeated at WWE events ever since her debut back in the Summer of 2015, and the fact that she has wrestled at every single one she could be a part of, make this a much more damning statistic. Sasha on the other hand, she has two wins over Charlotte after taking the title from her twice, both times on Monday night Raw, so this one really could get interesting. Add to this the fact that Sasha is fighting in her hometown, and it would seem that the Boston-born fighter could be the one to walk out of Hell in a Cell with the title and her head held high after once again making history in the first ever female version of a WWE match.

Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins – Hell in a Cell match for the Universal Championship hell8

Phillipa – Seth Rollins

Andy, Jake, Andrew, Steven, Daniel – Kevin Owens 

Thoughts by Daniel – A match that can be called an instant classic, both men have a point to prove going into this match. After what has gone down between both men over the past few weeks on Raw, this can definitely be called a personal match now.

Seth needs to prove that he is still the man and Kevin needs to win this match to prove that he is not just a paper Champion thanks to Triple H, who handed him the Championship when he made his WWE return a few months ago. I feel that there will be some form of interference in this match from either Chris Jericho or Triple H, both men would have their own reasons for interrupting this main event match, but would that stack the odds even further in Rollins favor? Does the former World Champion have any chance of winning this one? This is a show stealing match if done right and I can only see one winner. Kevin Owens.