WWE Clash of Champions – Previews and Predictions


It is the highly anticipated first Raw exclusive pay-per-view since July’s WWE Draft and after SmackDown raised the bar with Backlash earlier this month, it seems Raw are more than prepared to step up this rating’s war.

The Raw roster descends on the Banker Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana on Sunday night (or Monday morning depending on your location) and as with every Night/Clash of Champions event, every Championship will be on the line including TJ Perkins’ newly unveiled Cruiserweight Championship.

The main event boasts Kevin Owens defending his Universal Championship against Seth Rollins, which will be Rollin’s third attempt to win the Championship in the past month, but former mentor Triple H will obviously waiting in the wings to turn this contest on its head.

As ever The Brass Ring’s team is once again on hand to deliver their predictions ahead of the event and they include Phillipa Hopwood, Andrew Parker, Daniel Standring, Jake Waring, Steven Dimelow, Callum Hopkin and Dan Milward.

Kickoff Show 

clash-ooNia Jax vs Alicia Fox 

Phillipa, Chris, Steven, Andrew, Jake, Callum, Daniel – Nia Jax

Thoughts by Callum – Nia has to be the only winner here, she has ben on an undefeated run during her first few weeks on Monday night Raw and there’s no way WWE are going to allow her to lose this at the first attempt. Alicia is the first real threat that Nia has had to her streak but she doesn’t seem to possess the strength and ability to be able to overcome Nia. It’s great that WWE has finally given Nia someone who will test her, but this will once again be an easy test for Nia to breeze past.

Main show 

Cesaro vs Sheamus – Best of Seven Series final match 14212608_1627532834205064_1439890685151900567_n

Phillipa, Andrew, Jake, Steven, Callum, Daniel –  Cesaro 

Chris – Sheamus 

Thoughts by Steven – Cesaro vs Sheamus as a feud has definitely been an interesting one, before the best out of seven series started Cesaro had already beaten Sheamus twice. Mick Foley then announced the series after Cesaro’s second victory and stated that the winner would receive a Championship match. It has been rumoured that this would be the United States Championship. Sheamus easily won the first three matches and was looking like the favourite to get a fourth straight win to whitewash his challenger but Cesaro made his predictable comeback and the score is now 3-3. This will finally end on Sunday night with the final match of the series as the true winner of this endless dual is finally crowned. In previous storylines in WWE similar to this situation the heel has come out on top more often than the face, but my prediction is that Cesaro will shockingly pick up the win here and this will then hopefully mark the beginning of his rise in WWE.

maxresdefaultRusev vs Roman Reigns – United States Championship 

Phillipa, Andrew, Steve, Callum, Daniel – Roman Reigns

Chris, Rusev  – Rusev

Thoughts by Andrew – I love Rusev. He’s AWESOME. He’s amazing in the ring, sells beautifully, cuts a good promo, is funny as all hell and has an incredible look. He’s one of only a handful of people that can claim to be a super-athlete and get away with it. I want him to be a future Universal champion so much that sometimes it hurts inside. So believe me when I say how much pains me to say that I believe Reigns is taking the US Title. Reigns has been sniffing around the US Title for too long now for there not to be a big payoff – it would be fairly anti-climatic for Rusev to win again and Reigns to slither away with a whimper. My heart wants Rusev to dance away into the night with the title, but my brain reminds me that at the end of the day, this is Roman Reigns we’re talking about.

The New Day vs The Club – WWE Raw Tag Team Championships

Phillipa, Steven, Chris, Andrew, Jake, Dan, Daniel – The Club clash-of

Callum – The New Day 

Thoughts by Dan –  For me,  The Club is going to win this one. The New Day’s run as Champions has definitely been a memorable one, but The Club are something completely different. The former NJPW duo bring something new to WWE and this new mindset where they just love beating up their opponents. The way I could see this ending is with a clean win for The Club after fighting off interference from Xavier Woods.  This could even lead to the heel turn for Xavier Woods that has now been teased for many weeks in an attempt to break up The New Day and give Big E a decent singles push. The club have been dominant since arriving in WWE and maybe a long title reign is on the cards for them as well, but either way, it will be a very entertaining match but I can see only one winner here.

hqdefaultCharlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley – WWE Raw Women’s Championship 

Phillipa, Chris – Bayley 

Steven, Daniel – Sasha

Jake, Andrew, Callum – Charlotte

Thoughts by Jake – Yet another PPV where it is the women’s match I am looking forward to most. The last women’s triple threat at a PPV was the show-stealing contest at WrestleMania. Clash of Champions swaps current smackdown women’s champion Becky Lynch for Bayley from that lineup, but I think it promises to be just as good. Charlotte is a brilliant champion and having won the title back at Summerslam I find it hard to see how she won’t retain here. Dana Brooke may play a factor, and if Charlotte were to lose the title expect Dana to play some part in this, although despite the constant abuse at the hands of her mentor, I think the development of a heel for the women’s division is more useful than if Brooke were to turn on her and hand the title to Banks or Bayley. It’s going to be ‘moon-sault out of the ring’ good!

TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick – Cruiserweight Championship clash-o

Phillipa, Andrew, Steven, Chris, Callum, Daniel – TJ Perkins 

Jake – Brian Kendrick 

Thoughts by Phillipa – I can’t be the only one who is so damn excited that Brian Kendrick is back, he has such incredible skill in the ring and sadly that Cruiserweight Championship has never had the joy of sitting around his waist. He is the only member of the new Cruiserweight division that was a part of the old one and at 37-years-old he is by far the oldest in the competition, but don’t mistake is age as a hindrance. Kendrick’s experience in the ring has been shown so many times and he’s even had the opportunity to train down in NXT, which shows the skills this man possesses. He is up against an incredible superstar in TJ Perkins and despite the fact that Brian has a lot over Perkins when it comes to style and experience, I think Perkins has the edge here. He is a smart superstar and I think this could well be the standout match of the night and I for one can not wait.

sami_zayn_vs_chris_jericho___clash_of_champions__by_sidcena555-dahporpSami Zayn vs Chris Jericho 

Phillipa, Andrew, Steven, Chris – Sami Zayn 

Daniel –  Chris Jericho

Thoughts by Andrew – From his long list of good deeds backstage (confronting Brock about the Randy Orton match, standing up for the women’s division when they were told not to outshine the men, etc), it’s particularly great not just to see Jericho still in the WWE at this stage of his career, but to see him still kill it out there week in, week out. He’s now inherited Sami Zayn from Owens, and these two riff off each other perfectly. Zayn is so naturally lovable, whilst Jericho so naturally hatable in his heel role. With both of them being excellent workers, you can also bet on this match being a great watch, and with great storytelling. Sami Zayn has to go over, in the end, to keep try and get his momentum back from his big win over Owens a few months ago. Jericho will not be hurt by a loss here, but Zayn would.

maxresdefault-1Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins – WWE Universal Championship 

Phillipa – Seth Rollins 

Daniel, Chris, Andrew, Jake, Steven, Callum – Kevin Owens 

Thoughts by Daniel – Since winning The Universal Championship Kevin Owens has been stealing the show week in and week out with his promos and his match ability.  Kevin Owens is now considered to be The man after Triple H turned on Seth Rollins. Since returning Seth Rollins had also been on fire and his promo skills and of course his show stealing matches and now he is slowly turning into a baby face and  we are now able to see a much flashier Rollins so we know the match between these two is going to steal the show. My winner has got to be Kevin Owens it won’t be a clean win and I see Triple H getting involved once again on Owens behalf, but I see Owens holding this title for a while yet.