Phil’s Extreme Rules Review

There are very little things in my life that can evoke a true human emotion, but Seth Rollins making his WWE return after 28 weeks of watching Monday night Raw without him and going straight after the Championship that he never lost, well that, that is something that even I can’t remain seated for. But we are getting a little ahead of ourselves.


The one night of the year where WWE “get’s extreme” was slightly underwhelming, Big Cass coming out to once again take pops at The Dudley Boys on the kick off show, to then take a beat down whilst the fans chanted for Enzo was slightly annoying, I would have loved for the Certified G to run back down to the ring. Cass didn’t need him in the end though and instead fought the nine time WWE tag team champions off alone.

Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin reached a no disqualification level and saw both men reach new heights as their rivalry seemingly concluded with Corbin hitting an incredible End of Days to pick up the win.

That was just the kick off show, the real show began with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson taking on Jimmy and Jey Uso, this match was one that I thought would raise the bar. The two time Slammy Award winning tag team up against the best tag team in Japan, I was slightly disappointed but luckily it was Gallows and Anderson who picked up the win and rightfully so, The Club is currently on fire.


It was a foregone conclusion that Kalisto was walking into his final pay-per-view with the United States Championship, The Bulgarian Brute made light work of the much smaller guy and as expected took back the United States Championship for a second time.

The Vaudevillians arrived in some incredible attire ahead of their match with The New Day for the Tag Team Championships but sadly it didn’t bring any luck with it as once again the best trio in WWE currently walked out with the gold and came one step closer to making history.

I can’t even begin to describe the visual delight that WWE put together with the fatal four way Intercontinental Championship match, all four men were incredible throughout and the crowd were so into it that they were chanting “This is Awesome.” Many thought that a match where the Champion didn’t have to be pinned would be the perfect excuse to take the title away from Miz, but no such luck, “The Awesome One” found a way to survive and continues his doomed run as Champion.

Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho put on an incredible show last night, the first ever Asylum match was a fantastic advertisement for any that Ambrose decides to hold in the future. The former Shield member proved just how extreme he can be when he managed to fight out of The Walls of Jericho with a Kendo Stick and then slammed Jericho into thumbtacks before hitting Dirty Deeds face first into them for the win. Jericho sold the pain so well after the match whilst Ambrose looked like he might cry about the fact that he had one stick in his elbow. CjG6ZmHWsAAnXgk

I was truly looking forward to this Submission Women’s Championship match because I knew for once that Ric Flair wasn’t allowed to rear his ugly head and spoil what would be a fantastic collision. I was right, it was a great match but as expected Ric Flair’s music hit and out he came, but it wasn’t him, it was Dana Brooke.

I know what you’re thinking, what the hell has Dana Brooke got to do with Charlotte vs Natalya, well I’ll tell ya, absolutely nothing. This to me looked like a desperate attempt by WWE to keep the title on Charlotte and they wanted to properly screw Natalya again. Dana had no business being out there and she ruined what was an incredible match.

The main event of the night was one that I can honestly say I enjoyed, it was bizarre seeing the American announce desk taken out whilst the Spanish and the German stood tall, but the Spanish soon followed when AJ was literally thrown through it, but the German one was the only one to survive.

CjG_GY2WgAAbmwnAJ looked like he could have taken the win so many times, he hit Reigns with The Styles Clash and he kicked out, Gallows, Anderson and The Usos even invaded and still the match couldn’t be decided. Styles seemed to lose it and began hitting everything in sight with a steel chair before getting Roman with the Styles Clash on a steel chair and still Roman kicked out at two. But incredibly Styles jumped up to go for the Phenomenal forearm and Roman completely no sold those chair shots and speared him out of mid-air for the win.

Boos ran around The Prudential Center but suddenly those boos turned into cheers and the WWE Universe had found the savior that would end the Roman Empire, it was time of the Wrath of Rollins and the former Champion had one thing on his mind as he hit Roman with a pedigree and lifted the title he never lost. Monday night Raw will be incredible tonight, but with Money in the Bank right around the corner, this could be an incredible few weeks!