WWE WrestleMania 32 – Review

It was my worry heading into this weekend that WWE could have become their own worst enemy and their own development show could actually rate higher than their biggest event of the year. CfLKoD1W4AQibDd

Luckily, WWE did manage to break the attendance record for the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas when more than 101,000 fans packed out the home of the Dallas Cowboys last night, but if this was all about pure wrestling then NXT had WWE easily beaten.

Kalisto vs Ryback was a solid back and forth match but it was a match that people hardly cared about, Ryback didn’t feel like a credible threat to the biggest masked wrestler since Rey Mysterio and there was no way WWE were going to kick off the night on a sour note by giving Ryberg the United States Championship.

WWE gave Brie Bella a great send off by allowing her to gain the win via her husband’s Yes Lock after a ten diva tag team match that wasn’t actually that terrible. Lana’s ring attire was an easy distraction…

By the time The Usos predictably defeated The Dudley Boys, there had already been three face wins out of three and a picture of the night ahead was already being formed. The Usos were not as ground breaking as they usually are and I feel this entire feud with The Dudley’s has dragged on for two long and ruined both teams, hopefully this changes on Raw tonight. CfMPuVxXIAE0AEM

AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho was easily one of the matches of the night, fantastic new ring attire from Styles and both men managed to hit their finishers and lock in their submission moves before Jericho managed to get an unpredictable win over his rival. Thinking about this and WWE’s 50/50 booking lately, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he was allowed this win since Styles won their previous rubber match.

The seven man IC Ladder match had both it’s high and low points, Stardust unveiled a spotted ladder that I admittedly popped for before it looked like Sami Zayn could finally lift a deserved main roster Championship, then when The Miz started to climb I realized I would literally rather have anyone but him as champion, and I then saw the error of my thought track when Zack Ryder arrived and actually won. Now, Ryder wasn’t even supposed to be in the match, he was just Neville’s replacement, does this mean Neville was supposed to win? Did WWE really book Ryder to win a match, AT WRESTLEMANIA? Or was this all my doing for thinking “Anyone but Miz?” That will teach me.

Nah, I am happy for Zack, he has done great down in NXT and i’m quite upset Mojo Rawley has now lost his friend, I am confused how this will lead to Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens at the next pay-per-view though and if it doesn’t I will definitely riot.

The New Day entered the ring by walking out of a box of booty o’s looking like power rangers, that was qCfLerwcW4AA5VJIuite cool. League of Nations decided they were to cool to make an effort. The New Day lost, which is why it made sense that the titles weren’t on the line, but after the match, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Steve Austin made their way to the ring and destroyed League of Nations before dancing with New Day, well, until Xavier was stunned too.

Lita unveiled perhaps the most beautiful WWE belt I have seen in a long time, so happy that they are now Women’s wrestlers again, less happy that Charlotte was the last Divas Champion and first Women’s Champion when both Sasha and Becky deserved it more, but what can you do when Ric Flair’s your dad? I guess it really is more about blood than talent which could easily lead me on to the main event, but I’m classier than that.

The Divas match was perhaps the best wrestling match of the night, even though the referee forgot that there are no rope breaks in a Triple Threat Match, bCfLrIP8UsAA6lRnless.

Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar was on way to early and distinctively lacked a Wyatt Family interference, not only was Ambrose beaten, he never even looked like a credible threat. As per WrestleMania drinking game tradition, we were taking a shot for every suplex so I did lose count, but I bet Dean’s head feels worse than mine this morning. The F5 onto the chair has been done so many times that I wasn’t even mad I was just numb, that a guy who could easily be the face of WWE’s new era has been fed to Brock Lesnar for some cheap heat.

Ambrose deserved better, especially after his background in CZW, he could have easily destroyed Brock but WWE refuse to allow anyone to go over him. I wouldn’t mind but he is now unbeaten in three years to everyone who is not The Undertaker and I am beginning to lose hope.

Shane McMahon vs Undertaker also lacked any kind of interference, Linda McMahon was CfLKoTMW8AAUhsAat ringside and she could have easily helped her son, Vince didn’t even appear and The Rock was to busy preparing himself to have fun with a flaming torch to play a role in a relevant story line. But the Shane McMahon elbow drop off the top of Hell in a Cell onto the announce table was easily spot of the night, the referee also counted a near fall whilst Shane’s shoulders were down on the steel steps, pretty sure it isn’t falls count anywhere, WWE needs an impromptu drug test for their referee’s because it seems the one in the main event forgot how to count at one point, I mean, it’s WrestleMania guys,there is no excuse for such bad performances.

I personally have no idea where this leaves Shane, is he heading back to You On Demand now? Is he done with WWE, was he really just a replacement because Vince really wants John Cena vs The Undertaker next year? Christ.

Talking of Cena, absolutely no one was shocked when he came out to save The Rock from The Wyatt Family after they obviously forgot how to read and attacked the wrong guy, I mean Brock and Rock do sound similar, it could happen to anyone, right? There was a tease where it looked like Cena could have turned on The Rock but then I remembered it could just be the alcohol or the camera angle, my bad.

The Andre the GiaCfLKoEXXEAAhcZ-nt Memorial Battle Royale included a basketball player and the face of DDP yoga, that was the entire reason that is was given the penultimate place on the card. It was a shocking match by all accounts but thankfully Baron Corbin was the victor after he eliminated Kane, great moment for the Lone Wolf. Well done WWE.

Moving onto the main event and Stephanie had all my attention during Triple H’s entrance, I have no idea what she was saying but she looked great doing it, much like her entire WWE career I suppose, anyway, Triple H went above and beyond for his entrance and Roman once again found the stage entrance so everything went as planned, again there was no interference but WWE decided that the best way for Roman to gain a cheap pop was to allow him to hit a girl, great thinking.

Then they allowed him to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for the third time in tCfLXRp3WwAAatJHhe space of six months. Triple H could easily have kept that Championship, he should have gained the DQ loss, it wouldn’t have mattered. By these calculations Roman will break Ric Flair’s title record before he’s 40.

So, what did we learn from Dallas? The fact that the Women’s Championship has more prestige than the World Championship? The fact that WWE judges wrestlers based on who they are rather than what they can do? Ah, we all knew this before. I guess it just took six more hours of Vince’s product to drill it into us.

Raw after Mania will be fab though, maybe WWE should start charging for that instead, I will bet anyone right now that tonight will top last night and it will be an hour shorter. Either way, enjoy 😀

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  1. Talking of Cena, absolutely no one was shocked when he came out to save The Rock from The Wyatt Family after they obviously forgot how to read and attacked the wrong guy, I mean Brock and Rock do sound similar, it could happen to anyone, right? There was a tease where it looked like Cena could have turned on The Rock but then I remembered it could just be the alcohol or the camera angle, my bad”
    I don’t agree

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