WWE RoadBlock – Previews and Predictions

The final RoadBlock on the FastLane to WrestleMania is tomorrow night and many fans are predicting that this will be a better show that WrestleMania, with many of the matches that the Universe eagerly anticipated happening in Toronto instead of Texas.CdRK5EUWIAAnLHq

There are currently only four matches announced, but one of these matches sees the NXT Tag Team Championships defended on a WWE Network Show for the first time.

As ever the 6 Towns Wrestling crew have shared their predictions ahead of the event, this months guests include Richard Healey, Vickie Hopwood, Andrew Parker, Callum McKay, Kevin Sanders, Phillipa Hopwood, Daniel Standring, Chris Rossington and Dan Townley.

The Revival (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson) vs Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy w/ Carmella – NXT Tag Team Championships

Phillipa, Andrew, Daniel – Dash and Dawson12596561_10153466774093310_772428102_o

Richard, Chris, Callum, Kevin, Vickie, Dan – Enzo and Cass

Thoughts by Daniel  – Once again Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy are handed a shot at the Tag Team Championships and once again I do not see them walking out of Canada with the gold. I love their never say die attitude and the fact that they continue to fight against the force of Dash and Dawson, but Enzo and Cass are about to be called up to the main roster and this is their chance to get over with the WWE Universe, they have biigr things coming their way. Dash and Dawson have the tough task of Gable and Jordan at NXT Takeover Dallas next month to look forward to.

Bray Wyatt vs Brock Les12834862_10153466772363310_2014851246_nnar w/Paul Heyman

Phillipa, Chris, Andrew, Richard, Callum, Kevin, Vickie, Dan, Daniel – Brock Lesnar

Thoughts by Andrew – Oh, how I want Bray to win. He needs it more and more with each passing month, with each failed destruction of the babyface of the month. A victory over Brock, even a tainted victory, would finally make him the threat that him and his family should rightly be. But come on. Are WWE really going to give away Brock finally getting pinned on a network exclusive? It’s just not going to happen, sadly. We all know that The Beast Incarnate will reign victorious again.

The New Day vs Sheamus and King Barrett – WWE Tag Team Championships 

Phillipa, Chris, Andrew, Callum, Kevin, Vickie, Dan, Daniel – The New Day12675112_10153466771943310_392067730_o

Richard – Barrett and Sheamus 

Thoughts by Richard – Finally WWE have booked Barrett, one of the most underrated guys on the WWE roster, in a half decent looking match! Tagging with WWE’s “go to guy” for when they need a quick replacement to take over as WWE champion when the champion they want is injured, Sheamus! They’ll be taking on the New Day, who are more over as heels than any face tag team at the minute! (Remember when the Uso’s got booed out the building and New Day were cheered at a recent PPV? Damn you smart mark fans!). New Day are without doubt three of the most entertaining guys on the roster and don’t necessarily need the tag titles to be entertaining, Barrett and Sheamus are stagnating a bit (at least until Triple H gets injured and Sheamus will be straight in there) for that reason. I predict a win and a new title reign for Barrett and Sheamus.

12834930_10153466772823310_1351177052_nTriple H vs Dean Ambrose – WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Phillipa, Vickie, Daniel – Dean Ambrose

Richard, Chris, Andrew, Callum, Kevin, Dan  – Triple H 

Thoughts by Callum – This whole PPV is set to be an ugly car crash if I’m being honest, and this match just seems like a way to get Triple H in the ring before WrestleMania and spice up story lines. Wwe are playing the “what if” card pretty heavy here. What if Ambrose wins… what happens to the WrestleMania matches? A fatal four-way? Although I wouldn’t mind seeing that I don’t think it’s the route they’ll go down. It’s gotta be Triple H on this one, although I do think Roman Reigns will make his WWE return here just to further spice up his match with Triple H in two weeks time.

WWE RoadBlock is the final WWE Network exclusive event before WrestleMania and will be live from 12am on Saturday night exclusive the the WWE Network.

As ever The Brass Ring will return on Tuesday night from 11-1am with all the fall out from both RoadBlock and Monday night Raw with special guest Stoke-on-Trent wrestling legend, Keith Myatt.

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