Who Remembers Robert Huth’s Cheeky Message For The Summer

Who remembers Robert Huth’s cheeky message for summer?

Robert Huth Germany Stoke City Cheeky Message

Here’s Rob Ledgar memories of the interview.
“I present the Boots Bats N Balls show every Saturday morning on 6TR.
One of my favourite interviews was with Robert Hugh after the Stoke City player of the year awards in 2012 at the Kings Hall Stoke. Robert was in who for just two awards including the players player of the year award. He had a chat with me after the ceremony, which is fairly positive we talked about his knee injury, his plans for summer, how he was looking forward to playing in Europe following year
The highlight came at the end of the chat when I asked if he had a summer message for Stoke City fans, the answer had to be heard to be believed.”

Listen again to the interview below

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