NXT Takeover: Dallas – Previews and Predictions

NXT descends upon Dallas tomorrow night, just two nights before the biggest night of the wrestling calendar when WWE presents WrestleMania, and on the eve of the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.


NXT has already booked a card that is set to leave many fans happily anticipating a WrestleMania card that is currently nowhere near where NXT is, this means that by all accounts, tomorrow night could be the night that steals the entire weekend.

This weekend boasts two of the most highly anticipated debuts in WWE history as Austin Aries and Shinsuke Nakamura look set for action in NXT.

This months panel includes, Phillipa Hopwood, Daniel Standring, Kevin Sanders, Chris Rossington, Vickie Hopwood, Dave Beeston, Dan Townley and Andrew Parker.

The Revival vs American Alpha – NXT Tag Team Championships

Phillipa, Ch600415_1219355958083465_4320953419249315265_nris, Andrew, Daniel, Vickie, Dan – American Alpha

Kevin – The Revival

Thoughts by Andrew – A fantastic match-up awaits us, between one of the finest heel tag teams to come through in recent years, and a team with so much charisma pumping through their veins you could bottle it. This match could easy go either way. Dash and Dawson have had a good run thus far, with some incredible matches, and it’s easy to argue that their time with the belts shouldn’t end yet. By the same token, there’s no doubting the ability of Jordan and (especially) Gable, and given their connection with the fans, it’s very easy to see them get their big moment in Dallas. I’m going to go with American Alpha for this one, but it could very easily go either way.

Bayley vs Asuka – NXT Women’s Championship

Phillipa, Chris, Andrew, Daniel, Dan – Asuka

Kevin, Vickie – Bayley


Thoughts by Phillipa – Bayley and Asuka look set to have one of the best women’s matches that NXT have ever seen. It will be hard for them to top what Bayley and Sasha Banks managed at NXT Takeover Brooklyn last year but both women have so much pedigree that it is hard not to see this match as a potential show stealer. Bayley has continued to run the NXT Women’s Division since her fellow horsewomen left last year and it seems that it could finally be her time to join them and Asuka look like the perfect person to take over her throne.

Austin Aries vs Baron Corbin

Phillipa, Chris, A10003976_1219355934750134_2000115094768278916_nndrew, Daniel – Austin Aries

Kevin, Vickie, Dan – Corbin

Thoughts by Daniel – The arrival of Aries is one that I am looking forward to because he is without doubt one of the best wrestlers in the world and for some reason they are giving him to Baron Corbin in his first match.  Now don’t get me wrong, this will be a fantastic match as it’s up against a big guy but it’s the breeze method of booking again where they decide to feed everyone to Corbin and have him job out to all of them every single time, which makes no sence and takes away Corbin’s credibility.  This is a match I am looking forward to but I see Aries gaining the pinfall and Corbin being left with nothing much to do going forward.

Chris, Andrew – Elias Samson

Phillipa, Daniel, Kevin, Vickie, Dan- Apollo Crews

Thoughts by Andrew- I maybe in the minority, but I think Samson has a lot of potential. He’s got a fantastic moveset, a good look, fantastic intensity and has managed to make a basic neckbreaker look devastating. Apollo has been floundering recently – cookie cutter matches, no mic time, nothing to really set him apart from everyone else with the “I’m good at wrestling” gimmick. This match has Samson all over it…and maybe we’ll get to see a guitar shot too!

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn 

Phillipa,1957971_1219355871416807_5594612779173408856_n Chris, Andrew, Daniel, Kevin, Vickie – Shinsuke Nakamura

Dan – Sami Zayn

Thoughts by Daniel –The match that people are most looking forward to for NXT Takeover and the match that could potentially steal the show on the night. We all know that Sami Zayn  is one of the best technical wrestlers and high flyers WWE has at the moment and one to watch on the main roster in the ladder match that follows this match at WrestleMania,  but i can see Sami coming up short on the night against Nakamura “the king of strong style”, i feel that Nakamura will get the win to give him some credibility heading into his NXT career  before his is then used on main roster and it will be a nice farewell for Sami to give Nakamura his first win on the brand in his farewell match.

Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe – NXT Championship

Chris, Andrew, Daniel, Kevin, Dan – Samoa Joe

Phillipa, Vickie – Finn Balor

Thoughts by Chris – 10369179_1219355798083481_5551597068994262205_nMain event for NXT Takeover Dallas sees NXT Champion Finn Balor take on “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe, this has been boiling up ever since these two teamed together for the Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Team Tournament. Both are veterans in their own rights, plus matches between these two pre WWE have been fantastic. Hopefully this is a dream main event for Takeover, however I do think having Sami Zayn involved was poor booking as they push the former NXT champion to face another former NXT champion Kevin Owens for a match at Wrestlemania. My thoughts are that if they are going to use Balor properly on the main roster then he should drop the title at Takeover and let Joe run with it and build up steam to then push himself in to the main roster as well. If it goes Balor’s way then I don’t see any Bullet Club forming on the Raw After Mania. This will be a hard hitting and hard fought contest and will go down as one of the best matches this year.

NXT Takeover Dallas is live on the WWE Network tomorrow night from 1am and kick starts a weekend filled with fantastic wrestling action that ends with The Raw after WrestleMania on Monday night.


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