Bingo Bongo Bango Sponsored By Rydale Roofing – An All Night Bank Holiday Sunday Special

Bingo Bongo Bango All Night Special* Sponsored By Rydale Roofing v- 6 Towns Radio All Nighter on Sunday Night/ Monday Morning 27th/ 28th March 2016.

Hi All, I’m Rob Ledgar, a Director of 6 Towns Radio.

I am helping raise funds for our unique Community Radio Station 6 Towns Radio. We are all volunteers at the station and as well as producing excellent shows, interviewing brilliant guests and promoting local events, we have to find over £10000 a year to keep the station running.

One thing I hate doing is working at night, in fact once I had a job on a 3 shift rota, days, noons and nights and the company allowed you to swop shifts with colleagues. I managed to go a full 2 year period without doing a single night shift…..then I got another job that meant I didn’t have to do nights.

So, to do a stint on air at night will be something I’m really regretting saying yes to.

Anyway, that’s the context – what I need now is for you to say you will support me and help me raise funds to keep the good ship 6 Towns Radio afloat.
Rydale Roofing Logo
I aim to have a number of studio guests in during the night for your listening pleasure and will be announcing these over the next few days

First Up is Stanley Muggins – the highly renowned 80’s Alternative record spinner from The Glebe’s legendary friday nights.

Stanley will be spinning some of his finest platters and Rob will be trying to stay awake and match their undoubted quality with songs from his somewhat faded memory. He will need your help but will only play tunes for money – Donate to hear your requests.
Suggested themes for the hour are fave 80`s band(s)/ Songs/ Cover versions or live bands.

UPDATE – Weds 22/3/16
“Hey you, don’t watch that,
Watch this!
This is the heavy heavy monster sound
The nuttiest sound around
So if you’ve come in off the street
And you’re beginning to feel the heat
Well listen buster
You’d better to start to move your feet
To the rockin’est, rock-steady beat
of The SkaFather”
The next contender is a man of God who brings Ska to his brethren – Phil “The SkaFather” Ecclestone.

As well as being an ordained priest, The Skafather can be found behind the decks spinning Ska sounds in nightclubs across the parish and beyond.
Phil will be bringing his fine collection of Trojan, 2 Tone, Blue Beat and Go Feet labelled tunes, old and new to the studio to make the Sunday Night Skanking Hot.
So Rob will be bringing his ticket stub from the Rob vs The SkaFather 6TR Fundraiser Soundclash gig at the Vicky Hall in October ’79 to power up his Ska knowledge and out Skank the Skafather when it comes to the SoundClash.
The Specials, Madness Selector Ticket Stub  2 Tone Tour Hanley 1979

Donate at 6 Towns Overnight at
Paypal on [email protected]
or via Go Fund Me at
or alternatively send us something to auction off and help raise funds to keep 6 Towns Radio Alive.

Rob Ledgar takes on Stanley Muggins

*Bingo Bongo Bango All Night Special – Why Bingo Bongo Bango? Well Rob says this every time he does a mic check before his Boots Bats N Balls show every Saturday at 10am and He couldn’t think of a better show name!

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