Theatre Review: Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is notable for its ability to make the audience both laugh and cry in quick succession. Having seen it last night I still have the songs stuck in my head today and this is testament to just how good this musical is.

It is the story of twin brothers, separated at birth, whose lives keep intertwining. From the very start we’re aware of this story’s tragic end and yet maintain futile hope throughout all of the foreshadowing and narrators warnings, right up to the shocking ending.

And the unfortunate truth of it is just how heart-breakingly believable this tale of a life spiralling out of control really is.

Starring in ‘Blood Brothers’ was Lyn Paul who returns to the role of Mrs Johnstone having played it previously in the West End. You cannot help but feel sorry for this mother who has struggled through such a hard life and now has to watch on as her child grows up unaware of their relationship. My only criticism is of Paul’s accent which didn’t seem to match that of the character’s life and children.

Also brilliant were Sean Jones, who plays both child and adult Mickey perfectly, Kris Harding as the sinister narrator, and Danielle Corlass, whose portrayal of Linda was so convincing that I was torn in who to feel more sorry for, Linda or Mrs Johnstone.

The cast were so emotionally invested in the final scenes that it took 3 deserved bows to smile. Blood Brothers has been given the nickname ‘the standing ovation musical’ and last night was no different.

Blood Brothers is on at Crewe Lyceum until Saturday 19th March.

Review by Rachel Edwards 

One thought on “Theatre Review: Blood Brothers

  1. Impressive review, definitely makes me want to go and see it (again) having first seen it in the West End many years ago.

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