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Like most of the WWE Universe waking up after staying awake until 4am to watch WWE’s final pay-per-view stop before WrestleMania, I am slightly disappointed, but even more angry.


As ever, following the highly predictable ending to last night’s (this morning’s) event, many of the WWE Universe took to Social Media to vent their frustration at the fact that Vince McMahon may have lost the plot.

Two glaring errors happened last night in the form of Roman Reigns once again being handed a first class ticket to WrestleMania, and The Wyatt Family being booked to lose against two retirement candidates and Goldberg’s reincarnation…

12742741_978351992250568_3949662391382857763_nWhat were WWE thinking? Dean Ambrose was in his home town, give the fans what they want then make it a triple threat or even a fatal four way down the line. The fans booed the minute Roman made the pin, it was like a flashback to The Royal Rumble in 2015. I for one can’t wait to see how WWE react when they realize that have booked one of the biggest arenas in America and it’s only going to be half full.

Now, onto The Wyatt Family, a faction that is made up of two impressive in-ring technicians in Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, WWE’s currently attempt at building a monster and a man who is goldust on the mic. Why are WWE finding it so hard to book these guys in decent spots?

The Wyatts and Lesnar obviously still have unfinished business so you book them to destroy The Big Slow, Lame and Goldberg’s brother so that they can then go forward to attack Lesnar in the main event.

There is nothing confusing about this booking, and no fans would be left scratching their head wo12717810_978288908923543_3203131060111314683_nndering if one of the Wyatts has accidentally tried to hug Vince too.

These two errors aside, it was actually a watchable event, The Divas set the place alight with a fantastic tag team match to open the show after Kalisto proved he was worthy of the United States Championship on the kick off show when he defeated Alberto Del Rio in a two out of three falls match.

Brie Bella failed to capture her second Divas Championship even with the help of her husband’s kick pads after she became the latest victim of The Figure 8 and Chris Jericho and AJ Styles set the tone for the night when they put on an incredible battle before embracing in the ring afterwards.

Edge and Christian also made an appearance to mock New Day before The League of Nations came out to ruin the party.

Cbyp4tkUYAA73xuIt was a great atmosphere and we even had a cameo of The Social Outcasts, the one thing missing was the hook that then would force us to want to stay up till 4am tonight to see the fall out on Raw…There was no heel turn, there was no interaction between Brock and Dean after the match and the event ended with Triple H staring down Roman Reigns below the WrestleMania sign, because you know what sells tickets? A stare down. Well done WWE.

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