Phil’s Raw Review – FastLane’s Fallout

Well, I’ll get straight to the point here, after what transpired at FastLane just two days ago WWE knew that they had to step up their game heading into WrestleMania.


WWE presents their biggest show of the year in less than six weeks and if they didn’t improve on the predicted card, then a lot of fans would be boycotting this years event.

Vince obviously made the decision that his son Shane McMahon (or Shane O’Mac) was the answer to all of WWE’s prayers. Now, much like every other wrestling fan who watched Shane make his entrance last night on Raw I marked out. I was jumping around in front of the TV, mostly just because I was so happy that someone had finally silenced The Authority.

Like most WWE fans I have wanted Shane back in the company for a number of years, but much like football, one man can not save a sinking ship. Cb3MZOVVAAEX0Y5

The power struggle story line that developed on Raw has been rumored to have been a part of WWE programming from as early as WrestleMania 30 when Vince McMahon vs Triple H was said to have been pitched for control of the company. No one bought it and it was left to stew for a while, until they decided Shane was the prefect candidate.

Now, a Hell in a Cell match for control of the company is a massive announcement until you consider the fact that it is a 46 year old who has hardly wrestled for seven years up against a 52 year old who has collapsed after two of his last four matches and didn’t look like he would physically compete again after the beating he endured at the hands of Brock Lesnar. 12733623_978977835521317_5625899593126148216_n

The match will be one of controversy and obvious interference, but will it be the spectacle we have been praying for? Perhaps not.

Anyway, the rest of Raw that followed was pretty much your standard episode, a second match was announced for April’s extravaganza as Dean Ambrose challenged Brock Lesnar to a No Holds Barred Street Fight and he accepted, after he F5’d his already beaten body.

The triple threat Divas Championship match is heating up after Charlotte seemingly turned Becky and Sasha against each other by telling them that they have to decide who deserves the shot at the title more. And The Usos and The Dudley Boys look like there about to enter into a dangerous rivalry after a war of words saw both teams ready to attack.

Add to that the fact that Triple H came out to annihilate Roman Reigns following his match with Sheamus, and you will see why Raw was actually above par from most weeks. Reigns was left bloody and bruised after he was bounced off the announce table over aCb33CEcWwAA0Muhnd over before a pedigree on the steel steps ended the brawl.

The worst part was the fact that Triple H was billed as perhaps the biggest heel in the company during the Daniel Bryan story line a few short months ago and now he is gaining a face reaction because he is beating up WWE’s next face of the company.

Will Roman even make it to WrestleMania, will Shane go ahead with this crazy match? The Road to WrestleMania is finally heating up…Can you feel it?

Don’t forget The Brass Ring returns tonight from 11pm-1am where we will be discussing that big return, FastLane and the current state of the build up to WrestleMania, Join us!

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  1. i donot think thst hhh should even haven the belt if they wount to bring people back to wwethey hayto start runing it right and stop all this stuff like last nite and 3 on2 and others around the ring

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