Peppa Pig’s Suprise Review

Today I took small son over to The Lyceum in Crewe to watch ‘Peppa Pig’s Suprise!’

It’s a live action puppet version of the very popular cartoon for pre school kids. There was a full house to see the performance and only Peppa and friends have the power to keep around 200 under 5’s quiet for 90 minutes.

Emma Grace Arends plays Daisy who is friends with Peppa and the crew and narrates the story in such an effervescent way that it’s non stop fun.

Without spoiling the plot, we see the brilliant puppets go on a trip whilst singing fun songs that all the kids (and most of the adults) joined in with.

It’s a perfect way to keep your toddler entertained and worth every penny to see their face light up the first time we see the famous Peppa Pig.

If you missed the show’s stop off at Crewe, it’s on the way to Stafford in April.

By Terry Bossons (and Jaxxon aged 23 months)


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