Stoke City Just Can’t Kick The Pulis Habit. WBA 2 Stoke City 1

WBA 2 Stoke City 1
2/1/16 3pm

Albion do the double over Stoke for the first time since 1976/77 (the season Tony Waddington left & the Potters got relegated). This is how the game unfolded:


0.00 Sparky has lost 0-1 to Pulis for the last THREE games they’ve played.
Surely this game has more than one goal in it?! Stoke have recently learned how to score, and WBA have looked like they can now recognise a goalmouth when they see one. But Pulis does not DARE play out-of-favour Saido Berahino, in case he disgraces himself in THE game that Tony wants to win. Defenders could win this game…we will see.

0.00 Stoke win toss, and change ends! Anything to throw a game plan.

7.55 Surely a defender handles in the Albion box, but only Lee Mason fails to see it. Both sides in attacking mood.

11.19 Tony Pulis prowls his area waiting to pounce. Berahino is on the bench. He should think of switching to defence.

14.02 West Brom almost score from a corner, surprise. Jonny Evans can’t quite reach the far post coz his legs aren’t long enough.

17.35 Glen Johnson’s drive is charged down by Myhill. Is it just the defenders shooting?

19.10 Stoke fans enquire as to whether Albion fans have to watch this every week.

22.10 In the programme it says WBA have 7 recognised defenders in their squad, but today they’re only playing 3. So who’s the cuckoo in the nest? ie who is TP playing out of position? It’s Chris Blunt, playing a vague left back position.

28.27 As little Sessegnon topples over under pressure from big Erik The Viking Pieters, Stoke fans suggest it’s quite embarrassing.

33.20 Stoke’s next shot is so wide, Albion fans suggest (quietly) that that’s equally embarrassing.

34.45 Stoke try to score from a corner! Really? And against a Pulis side?!

36.25 Stoke still taking corners for all they’re worth. They could be taking them all day…it’s now a year since Stoke scored from a corner!

41.40 Nonchalant flick of boot by Darren Fletcher misses near-open-goal. Not impressive.

45 half time, the defenders can rest it’s 0-0

50.55 Crowd wakes up for 30 seconds, then drops off again.

51.28 Shaqiri misses sitter. Crowd stirs briefly. Elsewhere in The Premier League there is only one actual goal.

56.15 It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s wet. It must be bedtime, but no…

57.21 McAuley falls over & the long ball lands on his back. Albions attacks seem so shambolic. No doubt they’ll score in a minute.

59.50 1-0 to WBA! Stephane Sessegnon receives the ball in the area as if by accident, and blasts it past Butland. Stoke were lulled into a false sense of confusion…I mean, security.

62.50 Darren Fletcher shoots wide. Poor Fletch, when he gets the ball his Albion colleagues run away. He never has anyone to pass to. I wonder if his life has always been like that.

6317 Bojan off for Joselu.

65.50 “Tony Pulis’ barmy army?” More like a tea-party.

67.52 Whelan off for Walters! Strikers on! Who’d have thought!

72.20 Ball out of play…Dave Kemp stands on it sipping his Buxton Spring water. Sparky is not impressed and shares his opinion loudly.

74.53 Arnie plays the fool and gets booked. He won’t get 10 yards at a free kick, and the ref is fed up with the Austrian’s pointing at the sky mockingly.

80.26 1-1 Supersub Walters heads home equaliser from superb cross from Joselu. Pulis’ golden boy unpicks the lock.

82.52 Red Card! Cameron slaps at Albion’s Yacob as he goes past, and off Geoff goes.

84.50 Adam on for Shaqiri, Barajino on for Yacob.

90.00 + 1 Pulis brings on a winger. Why??

90.00 + 2 2-1 Oh, that’s why! He obviously knows a thing or two. Jonny Evans (the DEFENDER!) scores in a goalmouth scramble. Told you it was going to be decided by defenders.

90.00 + 4 A drop ball, two balls on the pitch…crazy.

Finishes 2-1 to WBA. Unbelievable. Pulis does it again. Stoke have bigger fish to fry. Liverpool, who lost today, and Doncaster, who won 3-0 at Southend.

WBA fans celebrate only the second double over Stoke in 85 years! Double shanties all round, no doubt…

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