The Royal Rumble is my favorite pay-per-view of the year for obvious reasons, the unpredictability, the surprise entrants and the match itself and the way always finds a way to deliver. Although the past two years have been a slight disappointment for me so I didn’t have the highest of hopes heading into last night’s event.

I think WWE got everything right last night, it was exactly the way I would have set the company up for WrestleMania as well, let’s be honest, the fatal four way was a filler for the kick off-show and neither Mark Henry or Jack Swagger had any business trying to fight it out wiCZh6QHCUMAAN404th the big boys, but other than that it was pretty much spot on.

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens was another show stealer, the two put on a fantastic show but rightfully Ambrose retained his Intercontinental Championship after putting Owens through two tables. I imagine that this was the final encounter between the two, there is no way a Last Man Standing match can be topped and it looks like Owens has bigger enemies now as well.

The Usos vs The New Day was one of the matches I hoped would see a title change, but it seems New Day live to fight another day, hopefully against different opposition because the Tag division is becoming rather stale now. Kofi Kingston had a great showing in The Rumble once again, it was just a shame that only one member of The New Day was allowed in the match. CZiApnsWwAAXBkJ

Kalisto is rightfully the United States Champion after what I thought was an outstanding match, the “Mexican” star is so much fun to watch and we were blessed with two Salado Del Sols, what more can you ask for? There is still no comment or explanation as to why he had his reign cut short last week, but I am a big fan of this new solo push that WWE are finally giving him

Now, whilst the Divas match for me was slightly disappointing because once again Ric Flair was the difference maker, finally Sasha Banks returned and made her intentions known. The Boss made a big statement last night and it is an absolute pleasure to be reading that Becky vs Sasha vs Charlotte could be the plan for WrestleMania.

If I was to dissect The Royal Rumble match itself,  I would say that AJ Styles perhaps made his entrance to early, it seemed like he was setting the tone at Number three, much like Bubba Ray last year and then there were no more surprise entries. Triple H was an ineCZiVN1yWQAAKDCzvitable number 30, I predicted it weeks ago, let The Game sit out a few weeks of Raw and come back and take away what Roman holds dear, that’s how you get the ultimate revenge, good storytelling by WWE though.

Styles showed he can take some abuse and in the process could have set up many feuds including ones with Owens and Sami Zayn. The Roman Reigns being stretchered off angle was done in the Daniel Bryan saga so that wasn’t warranted for me, he could have just been knocked out at ringside and it would have had the same effect.

The R-Truth scene was kind of funny but I think WWE have overplayed his ditzy nature now so I don’t think he can ever be taken seriously again which isn’t really a bad thing for a guy who is still uttering a phrase that was last used almost a decade ago.

Brock Lesnar taking out the Wyatt Family and being the first person to take Braun Strowman off his feetCZihUYSVIAEOWWr was a stroke of genius, it was a great way to allow this feud to progress from last week and I can’t wait to see how it sets up for Fastlane.

Dean Ambrose perhaps shouldn’t have lasted as long given that he had already endured a Last Man Standing match but hey, we all know it’s scripted, it’s fine. The ending did seem rushed though but there was a great pop from the crowd when Roman was eliminated and an amazing moment just after where the thought was that Dean Ambrose could win it and become the first ever dual IC and World Champion, but it wasn’t to be.

The Authority take the spoils at 2016’s first hurdle and now every fan wants to not only know Roman Reigns response, but how will Dean Ambrose fit into this now he has come so close to touching World Championship gold? How long will the world title continue to allude The Lunatic?

The Road To WrestleMania has finally begun and I already feel a slight amount of motion sickness kicking in. April is set for a party atmosphere and I really can not wait.


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