Bookmakers write off Stoke City’s chance of Final Appearance

Potter’s Perspective – views of a Stoke City Fan

We have been made aware of a poll that one of the major bookmakers are running a poll asking what Capital One League Cup Final people would like to see BUT they have excluded Stoke City.

6 Towns Radio Ladbrokes Stoke City

We are wondering if the company are doing this to wind up Stoke City fans or as a piece of promotional hype to get punters talking about them. It may of course be a dig at the Stoke – on – Trent based owners of the biggest betting company in the UK Bet365.

Stoke fans will recall the last time that a company used a similar tactic, when an Irish sounding company paid out bets on the Potters being relegated after they lost their first Premier League game against Bolton 1-3. As history showed Stoke stayed in the Premier League, using the news of the betting company paying out as motivation. Let’s hope the current Stoke team also use the latest wind up in the same way and make the bookies eat their words once more as they reach Wembley.

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