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My name’s Natalie and I just started my first day of work experience here at 6 Towns Radio.

I have been here for around two and a half hours and I’m already loving it. I am glad I got the opportunity to come here instead of going to one of the local middle schools like all of my friends, I am in my element here and really hope to carry on with music/media in the future.

The people I have met so far are really welcoming and all my nerves for the rest of the week have gone. Dan’s a funny and welcoming guy and Lucas has made me laugh. This place is so inspirational and it has made me second guess whether I want to follow through with a journalist’s career and try for the music industry.

I never expected work experience to be such a fun period of time and this week is just going to get better, I know.

Looking forward to what Dan has lined up for me in the next couple of days and hope you all tune in.

If you’d like to have your work experience placement here at 6 Towns Radio email [email protected]

Merry Xmas 6 Towns Radio

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