Port Vale Chairman Norman Smurthwaite – Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Vale chairman Norman Smurthwaite has today said that Port Vale Football Club is “Up For Sale”

“Smurf” said when speaking to local radio

”I just feel I’ve let the club down because I’ve tried to do everything myself, which meant cutting costs to put every available penny onto the pitch.

“Clearly that must be wrong because yesterday, if the players had put the same amount of effort into playing as I do to finding the way to pay them every month, we’d have knocked that club for six.”

Norman Smurthwaite Port Vale for Sale

“As things stand at the moment, it’s not a ‘distress sale’. The club isn’t going to go bust. I feel after yesterday I can do no more.

“Having three years of nurturing this, it’s like a child, an adoption process. I’m not going to take the first guy that’s got the cheque. They’ve got to tick a lot of boxes for me. Yesterday I genuinely thought I was having a stroke”

What are your thoughts on the situation. Do you think Smurf should stay or should he go?


Here’s an interview we did with him on the first day of his job as Vale Chairman

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