Phil’s WWE Raw Review – December 7th


The final episode of Raw before TLC had to deliver for WWE if they had any hope of the ratings of Sunday’s live event to be boosted.

The show kicked off with The League of Nations, they told the WWE Universe that they were on a trail of destruction and there were not four men in WWE that were as dominant as them. As expected, The Wyatt Family took offense to this so they appeared in the ring, this then drew out “Team Extreme” who unveiled Rhyno as their fourth member.

Embedded image permalinkJust to even the odds, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and The Usos also headed to the ring and what ensued was absolute chaos. Four vs Four vs Four vs Four in a fatal four way, 16 man elimination match. There were more people in the match than there were interested in it. It was shocking, but after a string of eliminations, Roman Reigns hit the spear and pinned the World Champion ahead of their TLC showdown on Sunday.

Dolph Ziggler took on a returning Kevin Owens, who had shaken off last week’s illness to make his return, Tyler Breeze was once again in his VIP section whilst Birthday boy Dean Ambrose watched on from backstage with popcorn.

The match was a lengthy one, but as expected it was Kevin Owens who got the pin after a pop up powerbomb, but Ambrose’s music hit as soon as the winner was announced and he headed to the ring with his popcorn in his hand and offered it to Owens. The Canadian refused so Dean threw it at him and walked away leaving Owens livid.

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Team Bad were finally featured on Raw as Naomi and Sasha Banks headed to the ring for tag team action joined by Tamina.

Backstage Neville and Miz once again had a conversation about Neville becoming the next Daniel Bryan. It was stupid. There was no need for it.

Sasha once again proved whats been missing from the Divas Division whilst Team Bad have been on the shelf. Team Bad once again picked up the win over Team Bella who were missing Nikki. A distraction from Sasha saw Brie run into the rear view for the pin.

New Day made their way to the ring after the match and showed off their new unicorn horns, the six superstars then danced to New Day’s music. The Tag Team Champions then took on The Lucha Dragons in what was a very entertaining match. The Usos were at ringside ahead of their showdown with both teams on Sunday.

It has been announced that the match for the Tag Titles will be a triple threat ladder match meaning the titles will be hung high above the ring. The Usos distracted The New Day by attacking Xavier Woods and allowed Sin Cara to pin Kofi Kingston. The Usos then ran away with New Day’s horns…Yes Horns!

Ric Flair seems to be appearing on Raw more since Charlotte has been called up, than most of the main roster stars. It was announced that Charlotte will take on Paige for the hundredth time with the Divas Title on the line at TLC. Embedded image permalinkThe Miz brought out Flair and Charlotte and once again they pandered about the fact that Ric was there.

Charlotte was acting rather heelish in the entire interview, but she refused to rise to Miz’s attempts to annoy her. Paige then made her way to the ring and slapped Ric across the face. Ric then told her to “Get her” and a brawl ensued.

Rusev faced Ryback for the third time in recent weeks…Nothing new happened. Wasn’t worth watching. Lana was the difference once again and Rusev made a statement by locking in the Accolade on the outside.

Raw returned part way through Stardust vs Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio made his way to the ring and after Swagger got the win via the patriot lock, Alberto Del Rio hit both Swagger and Stardust with a chair.

Backstage, Del Rio and Zebb Colter had a disagreement and it seemed that Zebb was fired. It also seemed as though the US title is going to be defended in a chairs match.

Braun Strowman welcomed Tommy Dreamer back to WWE with a good old beating as both The Wyatts and Team Extreme watched on from ringside.

Roman Reigns and Sheamus ended Raw with a back and forth ahead of their TLC World TEmbedded image permalinkitle match on Sunday. Roman didn’t look bad on the mic and he took it to Sheamus. As custom for a Go Home episode, the night drew to a close with a brawl between Roman and Sheamus as Roman put the current World Champion through a table and
ended the night on top.

Will Roman walk out of TLC with the Championship he should never have lost? Or will The League of Nations be the difference on the night? TLC is live Sunday night from 12pm on Sky Box Office and The WWE Network. 6 Towns Radio Predictions will be available on Saturday.

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