Phil’s Raw Review – December 1st


Following a complete nose dive in rating last week, WWE knew they had to change something this week to get the WWE Universe back on side.

Raw kicked off with the most improved and highly rated tag team in WWE currently was The WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day gave praise to the current World Champion Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior then made his entrance and talked about Roman Reigns facing him for the gold next Sunday and the fact that Sheamus 5:15 says he will kick his arse.

Roman Reigns interrupted Sheamus’ celebration and superman punched him in the jaw, leaving him lying in the ring as he walked off with the Championship.

CVKKfWmWsAQSer2Triple H and Stephanie found Roman backstage with The Usos and Dean Ambrose and told him that he would be facing Sheamus for the World Title tonight, but he had to defeat him in less than 5 minutes 15 seconds. The exact time that Roman Reigns was champion.

Later Triple H told Dean Ambrose that if Roman was unsuccessful then he would lose his IC title shot at TLC as well. The first match of the night saw Tyler Breeze face Dolph Ziggler for the third time in recent weeks and it wasn’t even a stand out match. There was nothing new in this and Dolph secured the win after a fantastic super kick.

Miz returned with Miz TV and welcomed back Lana and Rusev, the duo talked about not going all the way with Summer Rae ad Dolph whilst the crowd chanted “Yes You Did” until Ryback interrupted and an impromptu  match ensued.

Ryback whipped Rusev into the steps which in the process slammed into Lana and Rusev was then counted out whilst he checked on her.

One of the biggest shocks of the night saw Tommy Dreamer return to partner The Dudley Boys as they took on The Wyatt Family. Once The Wyatts had beaten the trio down, Bray shouted for the tables but Bubba pushed him off the apron and through a table at ringside. CVHiFh2U8AAi2ik

US Champ Alberto Del Rio faced Goldust in a match that has no significance to anything and was only there to allow Jack Swagger to run out and make the save after Del Rio put Goldust in the Cross Arm Breaker following the match.

Becky Lynch was backstage and she shockingly asked Charlotte for a none-title match later in the night and she agreed. Ric accompanied his daughter to ringside and played a role in the match as Charlotte faked an injury, Becky was distracted by Flair and Charlotte rolled her up for the pin.

CVI9NymU8AAZNUfAfter the match Becky was annoyed about the ending and confronted Charlotte backstage but the Genetically superior diva said that was the way it was. Paige then appeared and smiled at Becky before saying, it could be worst, it could have ruined your friendship. No idea what WWE are trying to set up here, but the thought is that maybe Becky could be about to join Paige’s side.

The Usos and The Lucha Dragons then collided in a match to crown the new number one contenders for the tag team championships. Part way through what was a fantastic match up, The New Day, who were on commentary decided to ambush both teams which lead to a double DQ.

The DQ meant that at TLC it would instead be a triple threat match for the tag titles but Stephanie informed The Usos that if Roman failed to defeat Sheamus, then they would lose their shot too. CVHiFjPUkAAx7eE

A match between Sasha Banks and Brie Bella was made after a twitter exchange between the two, it wasn’t the best divas match, but Sasha got the submission win.

Roman and Sheamus was a great back and forth match up before The League of Nations became involved and Rusev forced the DQ. The DQ win was still a win which means Dean and The Usos retain their title shots at TLC.

CVJf8RZUwAAXBLEAdam Rose was backstage and it seems he now has a new segment called The Rose Bush where he dished the dirt on the Rusev, Lana, Summer, Tyler and Dolph love square issue.

The main event was made and it consisted of Ambrose, Reigns and The Usos up against Rusev, Sheamus, Del Rio and King Barrett. The New Day then proclaimed that they were now a part of the match and made it a seven on four handicap match. That was until Jimmy Uso was injured and it was then down to a seven on three.

Sheamus got the pin on Ambrose after a Brogue Kick and Roman tried to fight after the match but he was outnumbered as the League of Nations celebrated to end Raw…CVHqmIEWIAEXQBU

Michael Cole then said “This is the state of WWE right now.” The WWE is in a strange state, but shockingly it seems that Sheamus is doing well as Champion. The final Raw before TLC takes place next week and there are still many matches to be announced. Next week’s go home episode could well be a decent one…

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