Marvellous Night With Macari And Nello Helping The Homeless

6 Towns Radio were honoured to donate our services to host an evening organised by former Stoke City manager Lou Macari in aid of the homeless in Stoke – on – Trent.

Lou arranged the night in Sainsburys Cafe in Stoke and showed the BAFTA winning film Marvellous alongside Neil “Nello” Baldwin. Other special guests who came to see the screening in front of a packed cafe included Jimmy Greenhoff, Mark Stein, Terry Conroy, John Ruggerio, Alan Bloor, Mike Pejic, Dr. Malcom Clarke and a number of local councillors including City Independent Anthony Munday who has been heading a campaign alongside Lou to open up a shelter for the homeless of the city.

Our sports show presenter Rob Ledgar was MC for the night.

We have including a gallery of pictures from the highly amusing night, which included a hilarious Q&A after the film showing where many of the guests recounted various tales of “Nello” who told the audience that his next aim was Hollywood!

We also have a video that shows who was at the event and a special presentation or three to Nello.

Nello and Macari Marvellous
   Marvellous Macari and Nello 6 Towns Radio







Hairy Potter and Lou Macari


Conroy pejic ruggerio greenhoff hairy potter marvelous 6 Towns Radio


Marvellous Night hairy potter

Lou Macari and Ant Munday


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