Christmas In Retail – The Reality

Shopping over the festive season can be stressful, imagine how hard some days can be for the retail staff. We asked a few shop workers what they didn’t enjoy about Christmas shopping: 10. Customers talking on their mobile whilst at the till and ignoring, plus holding a queue up. 9. Asking you if you have something in a certain size and when you say no they make you go and look in the back anyway. 8. Starting a very personal and long conversation up with you whilst a queue builds up. 7. Eating in the store and making a mess. 6. A customer getting you to go out of your way to save something then never coming back for it. 5. Trying clothes on in the changing room and bringing them out in a state. Maybe even leaving B.O in a garment! 4. Insisting that you stock something you either no longer do or never have. 3. Trying to return an item they bought months ago, have worn and have no receipt for. 2. Whilst being served, a customer runs off to get something they forgot, holding an already irate queue up for longer. 1. Complaining about the 5p bag charge….still! Should we ask them about the Boxing Day sales???   

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