United Wrestling – Christmas Chaos – Results




United Wrestling’s final show of 2015 took place last night from the Sutherland Community Project in Longton and set the tone for United heading into 2016.

The show began with Joseph Conners coming out to address the ending to last month’s main event when Burchill hit him with the title belt to get the pin and win the Championship.

Conners was a man with a score to settle and he called out Burchill, who obliged but only to tell Conners that he would face him in his own time and that he had an opponent picked out for him, before introducing Alton Thorne.

The match began but part way through Burchill made his presence known and he and Thorne beat Conners down to force the DQ before Barricade evened the odds and Thorne and “The Working Man”made a their exit. It was then announced that there would be a tag match later in the night.

Scott Skyler lay down an open challenge that was answered by the sinister Format who set the tone with a creepy entrance before what followed was a back and forth match, only for Skyler to hit the Stunner for the win. The ending to the match made it seem that the problem between these two is far from over.

Gabriel Kidd’s assault on Tommy Taylor last month set the tone for his new character as he came out and unveiled “The Walking Work of Art, Glamourous Gabriel.” His new pink attire and attitude showed that he was a changed man from the one that first stepped into United almost two years ago. White Tiger was his opponent for the night, but after the masked star gained the upperhand, Gabe decided he had had enough and walked out, leaving Tiger to pick up the win via count out.

Tommy Taylor was set to defend his Championship against former Champion Squirt but he had refused to face the former Money in the Bank holder so instead it was decided that Tommy would face whoever wanted a shot at his championship. Shockingly it was Tyler Owens who answered the challenge and the two put on a great show as the audience cheered for both throughout.

Gabriel came out to distract his former friend which ultimately cost him the match that had a future title shot riding on it when Tyler gained the pin of a roll-up.

The main event pitted former rivals Joe Conners and Barricade up against Burchill and Alton Thorne, the match was as physical as expected, but when Burchill grabbed his title again and attempted a cheap shot Conner took the title away and left Burchill to walk into a Chokebomb from Barricade. This allowed Barricade to pin the current Champion as he awaits his rematch for his title.

United Wrestling returns to The Sutherland Community Project in 2016 as they present their first show on January 29th.

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