Phil’s Raw Review – November 24th


There used to be a time where the WWE Universe couldn’t wait for the Raw following a Pay-per-view because there used to be such a good ending to the event and so much anticipation going forward that you just couldn’t wait. I haven’t felt that for a very long time.

The ending to Survivor Series made it obvious that Sheamus was going to face Roman Reigns for the World title at TLC in less than three weeks, so there wasn’t really a need for the opening promo’s from Triple H, Stephanie, Sheamus and Roman. Although there was definite heat between Trips and Roman so that could hopefully happen in the near future.CUiw3KIUAAA27mI

The Wyatt’s once again walked into Raw after a loss to The Undertaker and Kane and had to set up a new rivalry with nothing to go on. They did defeat The Dudley Boys though, ¬†a team that were last relevant when flip phones were, so I’m not sure what that means.

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks were finally allowed to collide on the main roster, sadly the match we saw a few months ago wasn’t recreated on Raw as their watered down attempt at a women’s match once again ended in controversy.

The New Day arrived and celebrated their one year anniversary following their debut on Black Friday last year…They were once again the highlight of the show with their amusing hairstyles.

Paige was handed her 11th Divas Title shot after she stated that Charlotte cheated at Survivor Series…She then “snapped” after the double count out and locked Charlotte in the PTO on the announce table. Is the PTO on the announce table any different that one in the ring? Nope. Not at all.CUi70jMWcAAZtOQ

Stardust and The Ascention faced The Prime Time Players and Goldust, whilst Mark Henry returned, not knowing if he was a face or heel and took on Neville. The good thing about having an injury crisis is that superstars once again become relevant, I mean Heath Slater actually got air time last night. Shocking!

WWE then threw Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler together to take on Tyler Breeze and Kevin Owens…It was the strangest combination of superstars considering all of them have the star power to have put on a singles match. ¬†Ambrose secured the win after a Dirty Deeds to Breeze, Owens just watched from ringside and walked away…I really want to know what the point of it was…

Oh, I almost forgot…Rusev returned..Do you care? Me neither, but he was in the main event against Roman Reigns with Sheamus in his corner.

The numbers game once again defied Roman when King Barret appeared and cost him the win, but he found the equalizer after the match when he took out all three members of the European Union with a chair…Why wasn’t Ambrose there to help his brother? Weird.

But as expected, a night of promo and comedy was interrupted by some wrestling. Not a great advert for WWE but, TLC is in three weeks…Let’s get hyped!!


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