Animator Malcolm Draper talks about his early years before Yellow Submarine


Before he animated The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and Raymond Brigg’s When the Wind Blows (etc), Malcolm Draper set sail from Southampton…and ended up with Dodo The Kid From Outer Space, The Lone Ranger, Ruddimore, and many more. In conversation with 6 Towns Radio’s Dave Lee.

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  1. To: Malcolm Draper
    Hi Malcolm, we first met two or three times in LA, many, many moons ago through John McGuire. John was a good friend of mine dating back to the country town of Manjimup, in Western Australia, where we grew up, and from there, we decided to go out and see the world. I ended up in the oil exploration business in Houston, and John in the exciting and ‘city of dreams’ Los Angeles. I’m not sure whether you guys first met up in London or LA. Anyway, he always spoke about you as a very good mate. I’m now back in Perth, Western Australia after living for 26 years in the States, UK, Africa, Rio, Buenos Aires etc and back to some life of normality in Oz. Although, somewhat belatedly, I have got together with John’s brother Pete and with some friends and we decided that after meeting for lunch a couple of times a year where the conversation invariably gets to the topic of John’s very colourful and very turbulent life. I said after so many years, why do we keep talking about John and his adventures, why don’t we try and write some sort of book that one can read all of his fascinating times and the trials and tribulations that have been a part of them. Well, we have now embarked on John’s book project and hopefully, this message will get to you and some line of communication so that I can call you for some stories from you about your times working and socializing with John. Anyway, Malcolm, it would be nice to get together for a chat and catch-up since we last had that beer or three! Look forward to hearing from you.
    Take care.
    John Kostanic

    Home phone: 08 6114 8800
    Mobile: 0407 386 929
    Email: [email protected]

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