Phil’s WWE Raw review – Hell in a Cell Go home episode

How do you even begin to review such a packed episode of wrestling? If you’re not excited about this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell now, then you never will be.

Stone Cold Steve Austin kicked off the show to introduce The Undertaker in their home town of Texas. The Deadman promoted his match this Sunday inside Satan’s structure against The Beast Incarnate before he was interrupted by Paul Heyman and his client.¬†CRuq5orWcAAiUZz

The Deadman proclaimed that “Once you take everything from a man, he has nothing to lose” before a staredown ensued and Brock made his way down the ramp despite Paul Heyman calling him back. Brock jumped up on the apron and the Undertaker signalled for him to come in and face him like a man, but Brock walked away. This Sunday’s showdown is set to be a brutal one!

John Cena and The Dudley’s faced The New Day and even though New Day won the match, Xavier Woods was given an AA and was powerbombed through a table afterwards to send a message as The Dudley’s look to capture the tag team championships for the tenth time at Hell in a Cell.¬†CRuq6UqWUAAmHOH

HBK was also on Raw and Mr WrestleMania lived up to the hype as he came out to the arena to further build up Sunday’s show. He also cheekily stole a child’s pizza on the way to the ring and #ShawnStoleMyPizza was trending on Twitter.

Michaels began the segment by talking about the two epic Hell in a Cell matches that were going to happen at The Staples Centre on Sunday but the WWE World Heavyweight Champion had heard enough and came out to tell Michaels that Sunday was all about him as he looked set to defend against Kane.

There was a back and forth between the two before Shawn announced that Seth had a match against Ryback next. A match that Rollins managed to win, which doesn’t make the Ryback look very good heading into his title rematch against Kevin Owens on Sunday.

CRuXzveUsAAtszSThe divas were also in action as another tag match between Team Bad and Team Bella happened, less said about that the better.

The big talking point of the night saw Roman Reigns come out to the ring after he was invited by Ric Flair and he wanted to settle his differences with Wyatt, Bray came out with Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman but there was no mention of Luke Harper and no one knew where he was.

A brawl ensued and Dean Ambrose made the save as a six man tag was announced but it looked like it would be a handicap match if Dean and Roman didn’t have a partner.

Backstage Shawn Michaels was still bugging Seth about “being The Man” and goaded him into becoming Roman and Dean’s partner! A mini Shield reunion!CRuq5rTWUAIVSJQ

The divas were again in ahead of Charlotte’s title defence on Sunday night and backstage Renee and Paige talked about Natalya being attacked on Smackdown and Renee did not look to impressed with Paige.

There was also another six man tag that saw Barrett, Sheamus and Rusev walk out winners over Neville, Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro. Three six man tags in one night! Wow I bet Teddy Long is loving this!

Kevin Owens was also in action against Mark Henry, whom he defeated before Ryback came out and powerbombed the man who took his IC title.

CRuq5oaWIAAmtwOThe main event saw Seth Rollins team with his former Shield team mates for the first time since May 2014 and they seemed to co-exist well until Seth walked out and left Dean and Roman.

Dean caused the DQ when he attacked Strowman with a kendo stick and the brawl continued until Roman hit a thunderous spear on Rowan and he and Dean stood tall.

Randy Orton was also missing on Raw and it was explained that he may have been once again taken out by The Wyatts. Where does this leave Dean ahead of their match at Hell in a Cell?

All in all the episode build up Hell in a Cell in ways that I never knew it would, it also announced that John Cena will defend his US title in an open challenge at Hell in a Cell and with rumours suggesting that he could drop the title! This could be an NXT superstar finally making a name for himself.

Hell in a Cell is five days away! Are you ready??





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