Hell in a Cell – Predictions and Opinions

WWE returns for its Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, live from the Staples Centre in Los Angeles California and it boasts the end of the epic rivalry between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker as well as Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns colliding inside Satan’s steel structure.

Seth Rollins also defends his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against former friend Kane with Corporate Kane’s job within The Authority on the line, but the biggest question is whether or not John Cena will drop his United States Championship?

The prediction panel today are Phillipa Hopwood, Daniel Standring, Dan Townley, Chris Rossington and Andrew Parker.

Kick off show – Rusev, King Barrett and Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler, Neville and Cesaro

CRunwiMVEAEKaZfChris, Andrew, Dan, Daniel – Rusev, Barrett and Sheamus

Phillipa – Dolph, Cesaro, Neville

Thoughts by Andrew: Without wanting to sound cynical, this has WWE’s even-Steven booking written all over it. Heels got the win on RAW, expect to see the faces go over here.

Extra prediction – The Red Arrow will end it.


Kevin Owens vs. Ryback (Intercontinental Championship)


Phillipa, Chris, Andrew, Dan, Daniel – Kevin Owens

Thoughts by Daniel: Since taking the title from Ryback at Night of Champions, Kevin Owens has in my opinion been booked horribly and this is coming from a Kevin Owens fan. He has been made out to look like a coward heel, running at every chance he is given. I think this adds very little to the Intercontinental Championship and right now it doesn’t explain why WWE gave it him in the first place. I think once his feud with Ryback is over he will be able to get back on track. Owens will come out looking strong in this match and be built well leading in to his eventual feud with people further up the WWE ladder like Y2J and hopefully the returning Sami Zayn. This match should be very one sided with Owens on top throughout, but it will be a joy to watch.



The New Day vs. The Dudley Boyz (Tag
 Team Championship)

Phillipa, Chris, Andrew, Daniel – The Dudley Boyz

Dan- The New Day

Thoughts by Chris: This Sunday sees the Dudley Boys try and recapture the WWE Tag Team Titles after a ten year hiatus from WWE, The New Day stand in their way once again. The Dudleys have already failed on two attempts since returning, obviously The New Day have a one man advantage but what’s to say we won’t see Spike Dudley appear on Sunday night to even the score? The Dudleys appeared to have one the straps at MSG the a few weeks ago but The New Day were up to their old tricks again and managed to retained the titles. I personally can’t wait for this match as its old vs new school. I hope the Dudleys win however The New Day need to stay on a roll and I forsee them retaining.

John Cena US Open ChallengeCR1_QJ3UsAECUd1

Dan – John Cena

Daniel, Phillipa, Chris, Andrew – Challenger

Who will accept the challenge?

Dan – Samoa Joe

Andrew, Daniel – Tyler Breeze

Chris – Dolph Ziggler

Phillipa – Baron Corbin

20151005_HIAC_nikkicharlotte_EP_Lights-hpCharlotte vs. Nikki Bella (Divas Championship)

Chris, Andrew, Daniel – Charlotte

Phillipa, Dan – Nikki

Thoughts by Phillipa: The Divas Revolution is obviously happening in NXT right now and after that spectacular IronWoman match at NXT Takeover: Respect, these main roster ladies have a lot to follow.

There hasn’t really been a lot of build to this in my opinion, there has just been a lot of six man tag matches and I think they need to stop. With the remaining members of team NBC and Bella at ringside, there will definitely be a problem for whoever is refereeing, I also think Paige will play her part and possibly may cause a DQ which will allow Charlotte to retain. She will lose, but she will retain.

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt (Hell in a Cell)


Phillipa, Andrew, Chris, Daniel – Bray Wyatt

Dan – Roman Reigns

Thoughts by Andrew: A very interesting match-up, with both wrestlers with a good claim as to why they should earn the win. Reigns is very much seen as the future face of the company, and therefore would always been a safe bet to continue to get big wins under his belt, whilst Wyatt is an extremely special and unique prospect who desperately needs a massive win if they’re to keep him a threat. Whoever walks out with the win, I’m certainly going to predict that the match is extremely good, possibly the match of the night.

Wyatt’s ability is never in doubt and Reigns, for all his critics, is a fantastic talent. They have already proved that they have incredible chemistry together on many occasions, whether part of a faction or in singles, and I’m fully expecting a very physical match of the highest quality. I do worry that they will face the same problem that John Cena and Randy Orton faced last year, however. Cena and Orton had to try and keep the crowd engaged when they had one eye on the more alluring Hell in a Cell match to follow (Cena and Orton actually had a pretty darn good match too, but who remembers it? Not many), and it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that the crowd will have one eye on Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker later in the night. I really hope that I’m proved wrong, however, these guys certainly deserve the spotlight. I’m 50/50 on who will walk out the winner, so I’m going to go for the not-so safe option and say Bray Wyatt. But it won’t be clean, it will involve some sort of magical hocus pocus and I can’t freaking wait to see it.

CREDC9CWEAEizFSSeth Rollins vs. Kane (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Chris, Andrew, Daniel  – Seth Rollins

Phillipa, Dan – Kane

Will there be a cash in?

Phillipa – Yes

Dan, Daniel, Chris, Andrew – No

Thoughts by Phillipa: This is going to be a painful one for me to watch as a Rollins fan, I think it’s time for his run with the title to come to an end, I feel like WWE have booked him horribly and I can only hope that Sheamus is booked better as Champion. I don’t think Kane will take the championship and I’m not that concerned if it is by DQ or a clean finish for Rollins but I do think Sheamus will either cash in or at least try.

I am wondering if this will take away from the main event of the night though, but I think Rollins needs to drop the title now. Where does he go from here? He defeats Kane once again and then what? He’s beaten over and over by someone else and then retains when the title is on the line? It’s getting boring and predictable. Of course Kane could still win via DQ, meaning he keeps his job and still doesn’t gain a title. What would that mean for The Authority and Rollins though? Either way. This will be one to watch.

Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker (Hell in a Cell)


Daniel, Chris – The Undertaker

Dan, Andrew – Brock Lesnar

Phillipa – No Contest

Thoughts by Dan: This is the third version of this match made in HELL (see what i did there) this will be the standout match of the night, Taker/Lesnar match always will be. The build up from this match has been pale in comparison to the match they had at SummerSlam, and the way it was announced lacked a lot of hype, but there is a reason these two need to meet inside steel. This match will raise the roof off the Staples Centre and it will be Paul Heyman’s beast that walks out after.  It is also really good to see Undertaker wrestling matches throughout the year and being part of intriguing storylines again. But he picked the wrong enemy here.

Hell in a Cell is live on Sky Sports Box Office and the WWE Network from 12am tomorrow night/Monday morning.


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