Guitar Fair is a blast!


Stoke may have its share of decent guitar shops, mainly in Hope Street Hanley, but it does lack a decent Guitar Fair, a void partly filled by the annual Cheshire Guitar Fair at Crewe Alex FC.

The top of the A500 isn’t too far to go to see a humongous selection of axes, enough to make the average guitar fan drool.

If you were in the buying mood, guitar prices started at (get this) £10! Yes, full-sized, playable acoustic & electric guitars from only a tenner! There was even a guitar amp for sale for £10!

Even for more quality gear, I saw a real Fender Telecaster guitar for as cheap as£150…although I suppose you get what you pay for!


Prices then shot up to hundreds and occasionally thousands, with some custom-made or gratuitously-rare guitars sporting eye-watering prices.

Everywhere there was the sound of picking, but in the far corner were a few guest players, starting off with Stoke’s own Pete “Sarge” Frampton.


Bit pricey at £4 entry, but free parking can’t be sniffed at these days. A great day out for any musician.

See you there next October, unless they can find a Potteries venue!


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