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This week the In Off The Bar team had Director Terry Bossons and Presenter Dave Lee as guest predictors.

A couple of changes have occurred to the Predictions Table since the last time we looked at it, there is now a collective ‘Guests’ score to go head-to-head with Dan, Rich and Karl so whilst the guests are looking to top the guest predictor leaderboard, they are also working together to take down the presenting team.

Let’s have a look at this week’s predictions then- After a strong start to the season12029170_10207836603694474_103483325_n (despite picking up a 3-pointer) Dan Townley is now facing the much talked about “fightback” from Rich Hughes who picked up a gameweek winning 8 points, narrowly beating Terry Bossons thanks to the 1 point salvaged in the final game of the week thanks to West Ham United beating Newcastle.

Karl Robinson had a stand out week earning a more than respectable 7 points, without even picking up any 3-pointers (That’s 7 Correct Match results guessed!!!) However, he still sees himself 20 points away from the top of the prediction leaderboard.

Dave Lee who was this week’s second guest predictor had a strong finish, correctly guessing the match result of the late Saturday kick off, both Sunday games and the Monday NigOverall Prediction Tableht Football glamour tie between West Ham and Newcastle. This wasn’t enough to see him challenge for the ‘I Beat The Boys’ trophy though as he finishes joint last with Dan.

As we can see from the Overall table Dan is now only 9 points clear of Rich The Man who, as mentioned, was this week’s overall winner and the new addition of the guests in the table shows us just how slow the ‘Slow Start’ is for Karl as he languishes 10 points behind the guests and 20 points from the top of the table. We are are only on week 5 for predictions though and all can (and probably will) change.

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