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Another week has passed us here on In Off Bar and it’s all change on the prediction table, but more on that later.

Rich and Karl were otherwise engaged for this week’s show – Rich was off galavanting with a Turkey (or in Turkey, one can never be too sure) and Karlos was too busy cooking Turkey at work. Isn’t it funny how the world works? So, To avoid 2-hours of a Dan centred show (although, what harm would that do to anyone?) the lads drafted in a team of super subs – Show Regular Lucas Yeomans (3 Appearances, 0 Goals) and 2 show Debutants, Tom Kowalczyk the quick thinking forward man from The Tommy K Show (Thursdays, 2-4pm) and Corey Townley Host of The Corey Townley Show (Monday’s 5-7pm), Saturday Breakfast (Saturday 8-10 am) and brother of the aforementioned Dan.

Corey joined the team as a guest predictor as well this week which lead to our first ever sibling rivalry in the gameweek predictions. Tasty.

Dan was quoted as saying

“I’d love it if I beat him, love it..”

Let’s have a look at the lads predictions from the past game week. Some interesting matchesIMG_0151 to dig their teeth into with Chelsea taking on Arsenal in the early kick off, newly promoted Watford (or Borussia Watford as they’re known on the show) taking on the geordies and Local team Stoke City facing Leicester City in a (sort of) Midlands Derby.

Dan had a weak week compared to the others and is now on a steady decline, two losses in two weeks isn’t good for the ruggedly handsome presenter. If he wants to keep the top spot in the predictor league, he needs to fix up and look sharp.

Karl is a man on a mission and that mission is to get points, he’s doing better than at the beginning of the season (who can forget the moment he got 2 in the whole game week) He did promise a resurgence and that’s what we’re seeing – definitely a one to watch.

Rich is gaining momentum in the prediction league, a slow start from the big man but his newfound belief and confidence in his own prediction ability is amazing to witness. No doubt he’ll be on the radar of some of the local bookies as he turns his new skill into a money making scheme.

Guest predictor Corey is this week’s man of the moment though, absolutely ripping apart the rule book. 3 correct scores in a game week is unheard of and is an achievement in itself. Not only does Corey have the pleasure of telling his grandkids about this victory – he gets to show them his very own ‘I Beat The Boys’ trophy.

“What does that mean to the prediction table!?”

IMG_0152Well, listener/reader (delete as appropriate) let me show you. Dan keeps his place as the league leader but thanks to Guest Predictor Corey’s excellent showing the guests have leap frogged Rich Hughes to claim second place.

When questioned about the slide down the table Rich said “I think I’m fewer points away from Dan than I was last week so I don’t see it as a massive disaster.”

Karl wasn’t available for comment but we imagine he would’ve said “Slow and Steady wins the race”

And if we take a quick glance at the guest predictions table, Corey Townley rockets himself to the top of the league with Lucas Yeomans now occupying the second and Matt Clewley bringing up the rear.

That’s the predictions from last week – a valiant effort from the lads but that couldn’t stop Corey from embarrassing them.

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