Connor’s Minecraft Tips

Connor’s Minecraft tips
Connor, aged 7 is a huge fan of the ‘Minecraft’ game on the Xbox 360. So we asked him for 10 game playing tips he has learnt:


1. in creative mode you don’t need to collect supplies and have an unlimited supply. This mode is the best for practising building houses and things.
2. On a flat world using creative mode, if you mine (dig) down you hit bedrock and you can’t break it. 
3. Wear armour in survival mode so you don’t die as quick if you are attached.
4. To defeat a ‘Creeper’ you need to go in close and attack then move straight back and repeat until he dies. If you stay close he may explode on you.

5. Don’t use a lot of water upstairs or on top of buildings, if a ‘Creeper’ exploded nearby it will make a mess with floods everywhere.
6. Keep a few chests to store food and materials.
7. In creative mode, keep a bed handy in your inventory in case you are far away from a house and it goes dark,
8. It’s good to keep and tame a dog, if you are low on hearts they will help attack the enemy with you.
9. Build a tall stack next to your house so you can see it when you are off exploring.
10. Have fun with it! Be creative and build your ideal world.
Minecraft was developed by Mojang, for more details visit:

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